Take your workplace culture to the next level with this online course on the humanistic approach to civility and dignity in the workplace. Led by expert author and instructor Jennifer Hancock, this course challenges the limitations of using civility as a metric and explore the benefits of centering dignity in all interpersonal interactions. With engaging lessons and practical exercises, this course is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to create a more respectful and compassionate work environment. Whether you’re a manager, employee, or simply looking to improve your interpersonal skills, “A Humanistic Approach to Civility and Dignity in the Workplace” is the perfect course for anyone seeking to cultivate a dignified and fulfilling workplace culture.

In this program we talk about what civility is and why it’s beneficial to you - as an individual to behave in a professional dignified manner with others. And how to maintain your dignity in difficult situations.

Course Description
This program is broken into two sections. The first discusses civility as a concept, covering the problems and difficulties of using civility as a metric. The second section discussed how to use dignity as a value in the workplace to improve interpersonal relationships and problem solving. The goal is to help people understand how to deal effectively with stress and difficult people while still behaving ethically and problem solving effectively.

Benefits of this Course

  • Respect Human Dignity: The course teaches individuals how to approach interpersonal interactions with dignity, which helps to promote respect for the inherent worth and value of each person.
  • Improve Interpersonal Communication: By centering dignity in all interactions, individuals can improve their interpersonal communication skills and build stronger relationships with others.
  • Enhance Professionalism: A humanistic approach to civility and dignity can enhance professionalism and promote positive outcomes in professional settings.
  • Promote Positive Workplace Culture: By embracing a humanistic approach to civility and dignity, individuals can help create a positive and supportive workplace culture that values compassion, ethics, and reason.
  • Reduce Conflict: A humanistic approach to civility and dignity can reduce conflict by promoting empathy, respect, and ethical behavior in interpersonal interactions.
  • Better Understand the Limitations of Civility: The course explores the limitations of using civility as a metric for interpersonal interactions and emphasizes the importance of centering dignity in all interactions, to help individuals develop a more nuanced approach to communication.
  • Learn from an Expert: Taking a course on A Humanistic Approach to Civility and Dignity in the Workplace gives individuals the opportunity to learn from an expert instructor, who can provide personalized feedback and guidance throughout the learning process.

Topics Include

  • Why Civility
  • What are our business goals? Creating a positive inclusive work culture
  • The problem of enforcing civility
  • Free Speech vs. Civility
  • What is Dignity?
  • What does it mean to act with Dignity?
  • What to do when people aren’t civil
  • Dignity Violations
  • Empathy & Dignity

Course Keyword Concepts: Civility, Dignity, Humanistic Management, Interpersonal Interactions, Workplace Culture, Professionalism, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution. Personal Growth, Professional Development. Self-Improvement. Soft Skills, Emotional Intelligence.

Learning Objectives
  • Explore and understand the difference between civility and dignity.
  • Identify why civility is a problematic concept and often counterproductive to creating cohesive and effective work groups.
  • Discover how to think about giving and getting dignity.
  • Discover how to deal with perceived dignity violations so you can move on to effective problem solving.
Last updated/reviewed: March 19, 2024
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Anonymous Author
Great explanation on Civility and Dignity plus the examples were helpful.

Course Complexity: Foundational
No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.
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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  An Introduction to A Humanistic Approach to Civility2:30
  Why Civility Needed8:16
  The Problem of Enforcing civility8:24
  Free Speech Vs Civility6:38
  Using Dignity to Create Civility6:40
  How to Deal with Uncivilized People - Examples24:45
  Dignity Violations12:02
  Last Word4:30
  A Humanistic Approach to Civility and Dignity in the Workplace1:13:45
  Slides: A Humanistic Approach to Civility and Dignity in the WorkplacePDF
  A Humanistic Approach to Civility and Dignity in the Workplace Glossary/IndexPDF