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This course addresses the Challenges, Benefits, and Role of Finance in designing and implementing the Balanced Scorecard. The course is presented in three (3) building blocks as follows:

1. Balanced Scorecard Fundamentals

  • What it is and how to use it
  • Adopting and integrating the scorecard
  • Understand why the BSC method can work for you
  • Where does it fit into the Management Process

2. Building the Flexible and Comprehensive Scorecard Your Company Needs

  • 3 Stages to building a scorecard that will work
  • Improve your company's operating results with customized measures and initiatives
  • Methods for successful application: Cascading and Change Management

3. Performance Reporting

  • Implementing The BSC: Improve your performance reporting process
  • Interpreting what measures tell you
  • How to weight measures and avoid unintended pitfalls
  • Role of initiatives in achieving targets and improving performance results
Learning Objectives
  • Discover Balanced Scorecard (BSC) fundamentals
  • Discover alignment with a workable Management Review Process
  • Identify implementation phases for a BSC
  • Identify key steps to managing change in an organization
  • Recognize characteristics of the BSC as a performance reporting tool
Last updated/reviewed: August 15, 2023
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Anonymous Author
Good overview with helpful examples. A template for the student to practice with would be a nice addition, as would some more challenging review and exam questions.

Anonymous Author
Good overview of the topic. Presentation style was dry and hard to listen to at times. Real life examples on how companies have implemented is a good thing.

Member's Profile
This course delves into BSC approach, with additional information, lag and lead indictors, and information on how to affect change and sustain change

Member's Profile
A good presentation on designing and implementing the balanced scorecard. Questions on the final were a little too easy.

Anonymous Author
Excellent course and presentation on how to design and implement the balanced scorecard in an organization.

Member's Profile
Content was great and very useful. I will find the slides handy as a reference guide.

Member's Profile
I thought this course was very informative and gave a great understanding to the BSC.

Anonymous Author
Templates provided are simple and useful in developing the scorecard.

Member's Profile
Great Course. Good material to have in mind.

Course Complexity: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Exposure to corporate strategy


Advanced Preparation: None


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Course Syllabus
The Balanced Scorecard Approach
  Adapting in a Changing Business World & Scorecard Benefits 8:15
  Balanced Scorecard Fundamentals 14:20
  Building the Flexible and Comprehensive Scorecard Your Company Needs18:01
  Performance Reporting 12:42
  Slides: Balanced Scorecard ApproachPDF
  Balanced Scorecard Approach Glossary/IndexPDF