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Insurance is a contract, and the insurance contract is a special type of contract.  The course covers what an employee, officer, or director of a corporation needs to know to be able to read and understand an insurance policy in order to establish that it provides the insurance protection needed. 

The course covers the following:

  1. That insurance is a contract and how to understand the basic rules of interpretation of contracts.
  2. The application for insurance and how it is used by the applicant and the insurer.
  3. The need for offer, acceptance, and consideration to form an insurance contract.
  4. How to read and understand the insurance contract.
  5. The first party property insurance contract and how it is formed and made effective.
  6. The importance of conditions and limitations in a first party property policy.
  7. The rules of insurance contract interpretation.
  8. The "contra preferentum" rule.
  9. The standard fire policy.
  10. The auto material damage policy.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the steps necessary to interpret insurance policies.
  • Explore how insurance is interpreted by courts.
  • Explore how to deal with the elements of a contract: offer, acceptance and consideration.
  • Identify the need to complete a thorough, honest, and complete application and understand how the application is used by the insurer.
  • Identify the need to read and understand the policy after it is delivered.
  • Recognize the need to read a policy after it is delivered to ascertain it provides the coverages ordered by the applicant.

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Very easily understood topic and useful information!


No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. However, it is recommended to take the other courses in the series prior to completing this one.

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Course Syllabus
  3:08Introduction to How to Read & Understand an Insurance Policy
  3:26The Application
  3:04The Acceptance and Consideration
  10:14The Insurance Contract
  12:20The First Party Property Insurance Policy
  14:05The First Party Property Insurance Policy (cont'd)
  11:50The Standard Fire Policy
  8:59The Standard Fire Policy (cont'd)
  4:05The Business Owners' Policy
  1:11:11How to Read & Undertand an Insurance Policy
  PDFSlides: How to Read & Understand an Insurance Policy
  PDFHow to Read & Understand an Insurance Policy Glossary