People are inundated with surveys these days.  Your car dealer, dentist, lawn service, cable provider and even the hotel you stayed in last night wants you to take time out of your day to complete their survey and help them improve.  Most of us are way too busy to fill out all these ridiculous surveys so we just ignore them, unless we are really mad or extremely pleased.  Companies that rely on this data are getting a false view of reality because only the extremely mad or ecstatically happy customers fill out the surveys.    

There's a better way to predict customer loyalty without all these annoying surveys.  FedEx is one of the first companies to figure this out.  In this course you will learn how to develop a real-time daily metric that directly links to customer loyalty and costs very little to track.  In fact, you probably have much of the raw data needed for this predictive analysis.  Find out what airlines, hotels, and even utilities track to determine future customer loyalty.

Learning Objectives
  • Explore the flaws in customer survey data
  • Discover the reasons that customers are disloyal
  • Identify the approach used to FedEx and other leading organizations to predict customer loyalty
  • Explore alternative approaches for creating a Customer Aggravation Index
Last updated/reviewed: March 5, 2024
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Anonymous Author
Good overview of shortcomings of customer surveys and net promoter score as useful in driving metrics that will forecast customer defections. Good, simple overview with concrete examples of the Aggravation Index as a potential means of addressing this problem.

Anonymous Author
Very insightful, however it would be interesting to hear some additional examples related to other types of businesses like consulting firms where the types of metrics to be measured may not be so obvious or black and white. But overall good course.

Member's Profile
I really like this method; it helps you deal with things in real time and gives you ideas on how to set up assessments specific to your industry. I'm certainly going to pursue this at work!

Member's Profile
This was a helpful course. It is relevant to me as we are trying to do more to ascertain our level of service quality - and there were some helpful nuggets in here.

Anonymous Author
Basic overview of the topic and how to implement, but would have liked better visuals of how these analytics are laid out or recommended software to use.

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I liked the purpose but did not retain too much valuable knowledge. I think more content would be helpful.

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Good insights into customer service and how to measure results without relying on surveys.

Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to How to Predict Customer Loyalty Without Surveys2:18
Predict Customer Loyalty Without Surveys
  What's Wrong With Customer Surveys?3:49
  Why Do Customers Leave? 5:09
  An Alternative To Customer Surveys 11:18
  Options to Consider - Aggravation Index10:34
Continuous Play
  How to Predict Customer Loyalty Without Surveys33:07
  Slides: How to Predict Customer Loyalty Without SurveysPDF
  How to Predict Customer Loyalty Without Surveys Glossary/IndexPDF