An ethics and compliance risk assessment is the foundation of an effective ethics and compliance risk management program. This detailed course provides a 12-stage framework that will help you complete your own ethics and compliance risk assessment.

The 12 stages are divided into two components, the Planning Phase and the Implementation Phase.

The planning phase consists of six stages;

  • Leadership buy-in.
  • Setting up the process.
  • Resources.
  • Framework & methodology.
  • Risk appetite.
  • Automation.

The Implementation Phase has six stages too;

  • Collecting the data.
  • Identifying ethics and compliance risk factors.
  • Inherent risk.
  • Identifying, mapping and rating mitigating controls.
  • Residual risk.
  • Developing the action plan.

In this hands-on course, we provide a wealth of practical tips on how to go about these tasks. Along the way we are also going to look at a number of major components and themes relating to the ethics and compliance risk assessment; items such as;

  • Definitions.
  • Understanding why ethics and compliance risk assessment are so important.
  • Regulations and compliance requirements in the US, the UK, France and the OECD.
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic changed the risk profile and what we need to do to counter these additional risks.
  • Details of the main risk management systems currently in use.

With a completed ethics and compliance risk assessment and armed with your findings and action plan, you will be equipped to develop and implement an effective ethics and compliance risk management program.

As an added bonus, the approach that we use in this course is easily applied to any form of compliance, ethics, or conduct risk. What this means is that that the process will work equally well for data privacy, bribery and corruption, conflict of interest, financial integrity and fraud, modern slavery and other forms of economic crime.

Course Key Concepts: Risk management, Ethics, Residual risk, Compliance, Inherent risk, Regulation, COVID-19, Corruption, Risk appetite, Risk tolerance, Heat map, Risk register.

Learning Objectives
  • Explore why ethics and compliance is so important for the modern business.
  • Identify essential elements of the main regulatory ethics and compliance requirements in the US, the UK, the OECD and France.
  • Discover how the COVID-19 pandemic altered the business risks.
  • Recognize the key stages of the planning and implementation phases.
  • Explore the different risk management frameworks.
Last updated/reviewed: August 9, 2023
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Anonymous Author
Some key concepts and information, albeit fairly superficial risk-assessment concepts. SLides are very complete. Personally, I prefer classes with professor input that fills in the slides with comments and examples (vs. verbatum reading of the slides). Should explore specific ethics and compliance issues to set this course apart from standard risk management curriculum.

Anonymous Author
Comprehensive course; good risk coverage; liked the heat maps and structured 12 step approach; liked coverage of the various frameworks including NIST and ISO along with COSO. Liked discussion of the risk registers and ongoing monitoring and prioritization of action plans. Well structured and interesting to undertake as a training. Good learning course.

Member's Profile
Fantastic overview of the importance of having an ethics and compliance risk assessment program. Terrific step by step guide through the overview, planning, and implementation.

Anonymous Author
Ethics is important in compliance and being able to merge the two assists in lowering risk and complying with all regulations and good ethical business practices.

Member's Profile
The audio quality is not good. Nonetheless, the course provides an actionable model to prepare any type of risk assessment.

Member's Profile
great refresher course. it really helped me understand the ethics and compliance framework at a high level.

Anonymous Author
I think this course is a solid way to earn ethics CPE; it was straightforward and helpful.

Anonymous Author
Great course and refresher on ethics compliance. Overall happy with the content.

Member's Profile
Excellent training with adequate presentation materials.

Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  An outline of Ethics and Compliance Risk Assessment Program3:18
  Understanding an Ethics and Compliance Risk Assessment6:09
  Important Regulatory Requirements4:30
  Business Risk Under COVID5:32
  Planning Phase-Part 17:48
  Planning Phase-Part 29:58
  Planning Phase-Part 38:06
  Implementing Phase-Part 110:02
  Implementation Phase-Part 211:02
  Implementation Phase-Part 318:14
  Course Wrap Up2:42
  How to Plan and Implement an Ethics & Compliance Risk Assessment Program1:38:13
  Slides: How to Plan and Implement an Ethics & Compliance Risk Assessment ProgramPDF
  How to Plan and Implement an Ethics & Compliance Risk Assessment Program Glossary/ IndexPDF