In this introductory session, you learn what creates the negative perceptions executives have when meeting with salespeople. Right now, there are millions of salespeople requesting a meeting with key decision makers which is why gate keepers work hard to shield executives from you. So when you do convince an executive to meet with you, they have a preconceived image and a perception of just how the meeting is going to go. And most executives expect the meeting with you to sound just like past sales meetings.

How do you make your next sales meeting exceptional? What will you do differently within the first 6 minutes of the meeting to cause an executive see you as a valued resource? In Session 1, we discover the key things you need to know before your first meeting. You gain awareness of the negative perceptions built around salespeople, and in the following sessions, we explore how to change it.


Course Series

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5 CoursesSales Meetings: How to Engage C-Suite Executives

  1. How to Make Your Next Sales Meeting Exceptional
  2. Identifying what Executive Level Sales Prospects Want
  3. Creating the Consultant, Partner, Problem Solver Perception in Sales Meetings
  4. How to Use Verbal Success Stories to Get Executive Attention and Interest
  5. How to Get an Executive to Open up and Share their Concerns, Hopes, and Dreams
Learning Objectives
  • Explore why professional visiting isn’t selling.
  • Identify why executives avoid meeting with a sales rep.
  • Recognize why most initial meetings fail to produce results.
  • Discover why 6 out of 10 proposals go dark.
  • Discover 3 current perceptions that kill your effectiveness.
  • Identify the 6 behaviors that effect meeting outcomes.
Last updated/reviewed: August 9, 2023
Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to How to Make Your Next Sales Meeting Exceptional2:35
  My First Professional Sales Job7:45
  Challenges and Observations8:46
  Why don't prospects see a difference and why do they tune out?5:51
  Intial Appointment Process and Conclusion3:48
  How to Make Your Next Sales Meeting Exceptional28:45
  Slides: How to Make Your Next Sales Meeting ExceptionalPDF
  How to Make Your Next Sales Meeting Exceptional: Glossary/IndexPDF