Two of the most high pressure moments in executive meetings are the beginning and the end.  In the beginning you are under pressure to get the meeting moving in a forward direction and aligning people around the purpose and expected outcome.  At the end of a meeting you are under pressure to make sure you attained the objective of the meeting, that everything is documented and everyone is in agreement with key decisions and next steps.  All this while people are watching the clock and mentally checking out of this meeting and into the next one. Unfortunately when it comes to closing meetings we sometimes loose our composure and fail to close with a strong finish.  

In this session we learn how to ask the best questions to qualify the prospect and be sure there is a fit. You also learn a simple anonym that will easily demonstrate your ability to maintain control with a high level of confidence. You will learn how to summarize what was said by the executive and how to make bridge statements that executives find refreshing. You will gain an understanding of how to use key closing techniques that will be used to get commitment for a follow up meeting. Closing a meeting is not just using assumptive close questions. It must make perfect sense to the executive or they may say “Yes” to a proposal but are not committed. In this session you will learn how to pull and get agreement by making specific statements that are clear and make sense to everyone. Logically, pulling an executive to a commitment for a proposal that they are truly interested in. 

Learning Objectives
  • Explore the most effective qualification questions
  • Recognize how to summarize key points and get feedback
  • Explore how to gain insight into Act 4 structure to end a meeting strong and confident
  • Recognize how to pull your audience to the next logical initiative
  • Explore how to make consultative “We” statements that get agreement
  • Discover the 4 parts of your initial meeting
  • Identify the best consultative closing statements executives appreciate
Last updated/reviewed: August 22, 2023
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Good insights, interestings definitions, very structured and with a instructor that provides insights that can be hepfull on a daily basis.

Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. However, it is recommended to take the other courses in the series prior to completing this one.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to How to Get Agreement and Commitment to do Business Together1:29
  Initial Appointment Process: Acts One and Two2:31
  Act Three Discovery Questions7:25
  Act Four: Summarize, Bridge, Pull, Close/Next7:05
  How to Get Agreement and Commitment to do Business Together25:09
  Slides: How to Get Agreement and Commitment to do Business TogetherPDF
  How to Get Agreement and Commitment to do Business Together Glossary/IndexPDF