The hardest part in getting a promotion or a job is to get in front of influencers, trusted advisors, and decision makers. The same is true for companies selling their products and services. So, how are you selling yourself? How are you getting in front of the right people who can help you develop a value based relationship? How can you help others to help introduce you directly to the people you need to meet?

These people are the decision makers who can promote you and hire you. The purpose of using the targeted networking venues and networking techniques that most successful people use every day is to get you in front of these people.

We begin by reviewing the marketing principles and explain why networking is the key into those who can help you the most. Then we explain targeted networking and how you can identify your own targeted networking venues. Next we cover the principles of networking that are seldom taught and how you can apply them to dramatically improve your chances for success.

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

8 CoursesThe Road Map to Career Success

  1. Why You Need to Compete in Your Career
  2. What is The Road Map to Career Success?
  3. What do You Really Want to Do? Defining Your Passion and Vision for Your Career
  4. How to Close the Gaps Between What You Want Versus Are Getting
  5. How can You Help Others to Know Who You Are?
  6. How can You Communicate with Others?
  7. How can You Sell Yourself to Decision Makers? Part One
  8. How can You Sell Yourself to Decision Makers? Part Two
Learning Objectives
  • Discover how you can target where to network
  • Identify the Networking Big Picture
  • Explore Insider Networking Techniques
Last updated/reviewed: August 8, 2023
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Member's Profile
Lot of practical tips. I learned that networking is not just attending gatherings but events where I can make contacts and learn even if I'm not looking for a position.

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Very helpful in outlining a practical strategy for networking and identifying how to position yourself for subsequent meetings with decision makers.

Anonymous Author
In depth explanation of networking & how to get started. Clearly now with COVID, it would be nice to have more information on virtual networking.

Anonymous Author
this is a very practical course. the course is well organized and the presenter is engaging. I will refer to this material in the near future.

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The road to success is just that, one that you have the power to take if you choose so. Thanks for the excellent course!

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The course is a good explanation of how to effectively network but only so much you can cover in the time allowed.

Anonymous Author
Good material and presentation - just not exactly what I was expecting based on the training title.

Anonymous Author
pretty good corse. even thou i worked in wealth management i fond out networking advice here

Anonymous Author
Helpful information about the different types of networking and how to approach each one.

Anonymous Author
Great information for people beginning to network or who need to improve their skills!

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I recommend all of Jim's courses. A lot of great ideas and examples.

Anonymous Author
Good information on where to network.

Course Complexity: Foundational

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. However, it is recommended to take the other courses in the series prior to completing this one.

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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to How can You Sell Yourself to Decision Makers? Part One9:33
  Target Your Network 11:29
  Target Your Network (Continued)11:12
  Networking Big Picture 10:41
  Handling Competition 6:31
  Physical Networking Techniques: Steps 1 - 510:36
  Visual Networking Techniques 1 - 3 and Conclusion 6:32
Continuous Play
  How can You Sell Yourself to Decision Makers? Part One 1:06:34
  Slides: How can You Sell Yourself to Decision Makers? Part OnePDF
  How can You Sell Yourself to Decision Makers? Part One Glossary/IndexPDF