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This course covers the common frauds and cases that have come to light in the recent past involving not-for-profits and local governments.  The course also discusses the most common types of frauds as well as the most costly types that tend to happen in a government setting.

Auditors have a variety of responsibilities per AU-C section 240, Consideration of Fraud in a Financial Statement Audit, but this course will address steps that auditors can suggest for management and governance to follow in order to minimize the risk that they will be victimized by frauds. Lastly, this course discusses a variety of cases including two cases in which a single employee was responsible for over $40 million in stolen funds from a government entity each.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the most common types of fraud perpetrated in government and not-for-profit settings and the average value of the losses stemming from those thefts.
  • Identify the steps that auditors can suggest for audited entity managers and those charged with governance that will help minimize fraud.
  • Identify the motivations, causes, and characteristics of individuals who perpetrate fraud.
Last updated/reviewed: November 23, 2019

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Anonymous Author
An engaging look at governmental and NFP fraud. Particularly interesting were the fraud cases used as examples. The course provides helpful information regarding fraud risk areas, detection areas to focus on in order to boost the likelihood of detection, and internal control suggestions to reduce risk.
Anonymous Author
Thank you. Good introduction course with a lot of real life examples. I really enjoyed the way the course was presented. Would be useful for everyone who has no idea about what fraud is in NPO's and Govt .
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Excellent case examples. Adam could go more thoroughly into how to prevent these particular frauds. I would recommend this class to all folks in non-profit finance.
Anonymous Author
Test was short and sweet. It is absolutely redicolas that my comment must be 50 characters.
Anonymous Author
The use of cases to demonstrate the topic’s importance were informative and interesting.
Anonymous Author
Quick overview of fraud as it relates to NFPs and some keys to look for with examples.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  11:20Introduction to Government and Not-For-Profit Fraud Training – Common Frauds in Not-For-Profits and Governments
  10:35What Motivates Frauds
  9:49CASE Application
  7:25Other Precautions
  41:44Government and Not-For-Profit Fraud Training – Common Frauds in Not-For-Profits and Governments Full Video
  PDFSlides: Common Frauds in Not-For-Profits and Governments
  PDFCommon Frauds in Not-For-Profits and Governments Glossary/Index