It took a pandemic to uproot those of us working in accounting and finance. In the span of a few years, all of us lived through transforming how and where we worked. That experience positions you well to tackle the future.

In this course, you learn about the future of finance and the challenges that lay ahead. You will peer into the future to answer how, why and where the finance organization will succeed and add value by leveraging people and technology. You will learn about emerging imperatives of sustainability and data as the next frontiers of finance. Finally, you will explore the new skillsets and communication mindset you need to adopt to ensure stakeholder understand the value proposition offered by the “new” finance function.

Learning Objectives
  • Discover and define and distinguish how finance adds value to any organization.
  • Explore the emerging mandates of finance in the areas of sustainability, automation, and data.
  • Identify and adopt new ways to manage, motivate, and make great finance teams.
Last updated/reviewed: January 20, 2023
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the course is organized in an uncommon way thay may not usually accepted by you and me sitting in front of a computer. However, you may try it and it may surpirse you postively.

Anonymous Author
The course provides good insight to the future of analytical accounting and does not dismiss the core 80% of responsibilities. However, it does promote how the accounting professional should approach the business in a value added strategy.

Anonymous Author
Overall I enjoyed this course as it covered many areas within Finance and the future of Finance Organizations. Many future of finance discussions focus on new technology, while this focused more on the true overall organization.

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I LOVE how these instructors delivered this information. It was down to earth and not robotic. I got a laugh out of their acronyms JFDI and PUTDP. Very timely and informative..

Anonymous Author
This is a great course on the future of Finance. This is useful to help understand the landscape moving forward after the pandemic.

Anonymous Author
Covers a range of topics from transforming processes and organizational focus to reducing burnout and sustainability reporting.

Anonymous Author
Excellent course. Thank you Blair for your patience and great transformative thinking

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Very thought provoking. I will explore the professional development weekly approach.

Anonymous Author
Interesting overall course thinking about the future of the finance profession.

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Enjoyed this course! Great insight into future dealings within companies.

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This was very insightful on the future of the industry.

Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to The Future of the Finance and Accounting Organization2:06
  The Future of the Finance and Accounting Organization6:32
  Stages of Transformative Thinking6:23
  Playing a Larger Role4:06
  Redefining the Role of the Office5:18
  Employee Wellbeing4:11
  Rethinking the Role of the Meeting3:22
  Talent Management for the Future11:54
  Disaster Recovery & the Value Creation Mindset5:59
  Relationship [Re] Building4:53
  Sustainability and the Role of Finance7:26
  Branding Finance in the Future4:09
  Course Wrap Up2:57
  The Future of the Finance and Accounting Organization1:14:14
  Slides: The Future of the Finance and Accounting OrganizationPDF
  The Future of the Finance and Accounting Organization Glossary/ IndexPDF
  Slides Script: The Future of the Finance and Accounting OrganizationPDF