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Please note that this is a "text-based", not a "video-based" course. The materials are downloaded by the user, read and absorbed, and then the user takes the review and final assessment online at Illumeo as usual, where, once passed, all CPE is tracked and kept for long-term reference.

This course offers an overview of what Hedge Funds are, how they work and what is Hedge Fund Accounting all about. The course offers fundamental knowledge of Net Asset Valuation (NAV) concept, essentials of NAV calculation and reporting process. It describes some useful terms a Hedge Fund Accountant can expect to encounter, basics of portfolio accounting, pricing, and reconciliation process. The course briefly discusses a fund’s income and expenses, and their impact on NAV. Finally, the course offers a bird’s eye view of hedge fund structures, fees, and basic investors’ capital activities.

Review Questions and Final Exam are completed under section "Review and Test".

Learning Objectives

  • Explore and understand the definition and broad structure of a Hedge Fund as an investment vehicle.
  • Recognize fundamentals of accounting issues for Hedge funds.
  • Discover and understand concept of Net Asset Valuation and steps involved in NAV calculation.
  • Identify key elements of investments, portfolio accounting and valuation.
Last updated/reviewed: May 23, 2022

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Great course! Very easy to understand and super helpful in explaining topics that can get a bit complicated and dense.
Anonymous Author
Very helpful. I have reviewed this material before, but it was great to get a refresher on it.
Anonymous Author
A great overview of practical accounting principles! Hard to find anywhere else.
Anonymous Author
Good course on hedge fund accounting, it's a lot of questions for only 1 CPE.
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very informative lecture even if it's just text-based.


Course Complexity:

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

This lesson is an introductory course and is not meant for in-depth knowledge. For more knowledge, examples, etc., It is recommended to take Other Hedge Fund Accounting courses by Rita Basumallick.
Hedge Fund Accounting: Portfolio Accounting for Hedge Funds (Intermediate)
Fundamentals of Hedge Fund NAV Accounting

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  PDFFundamentals of Hedge Fund Accounting (Text Based Course)