Fraud and Business Identity Theft

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Identity theft is a crime that 20 years ago was not on the radar for many businesses or individuals.  Today, with the global economy and the prevalence of internet activity, it is one of the most recognized crimes in the U.S. 

Identity theft is considered the use of one person’s identity or personally identifying information by another person without his/her permission. Identity theft can be committed against individuals as well as organizations.

Identity theft has become a major problem internationally.  In 2006, President Bush issued an Executive Order which established the Identity Theft Task Force. Seventeen federal agencies and departments were appointed to create a national strategy to combat identity theft. This course focuses specifically on Business Identity Theft and processes companies can use to protect their information.

Training for all programs related to cyber security by this trainer are utilizing the framework of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as a model. This information is freely available in the public domain. For more detailed information on the framework please refer to

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the types of business identity theft
  • Explore laws put into place to combat identity theft
  • Explore why businesses are targeted
  • Identify organizations that can help protect and save your business identity
  • Explore methods to protect individuals and organizations against identity theft
Last updated/reviewed: August 4, 2023

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This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

13 CoursesCorporate Cyber Security Certification

  1. Cyber Threat – The Modern-Day Fraud: Breaches and Actions
  2. A Primer on Cyber Security Programs and Roles
  3. Cyber Risk Frameworks And Concepts
  4. Cyber Risk Framework - Identify Assets
  5. Cyber Risk Framework - Prioritize Assets
  6. Cyber Risk Framework - Protect Assets
  7. Cyber Risk Framework - Detect Part One
  8. Cyber Risk Framework - Detect Threats Part Two
  9. Cyber Risk Framework - Respond
  10. Cyber Risk Framework - Recover
  11. Cyber Risk Framework - Utilizing The Tier Approach
  12. Fraud and Personal Identity Theft
  13. Fraud and Business Identity Theft
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Now thanks to Lynn I am all the wiser to Business Identity Theft issues and have supplemented Personal Identity Theft knowledge. I recommend to watch both of Lynn's webinars on these subject to broaden ones acumen of the critical nature of ID Theft both business and personal.

Anonymous Author
It's the first course I attended that talked about business identity theft. All my other courses were concerned only with individual identity theft so I'm glad to have my eyes opened by this course.

Anonymous Author
This was a good course and I enjoyed it very much. I would recommend these courses to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in Cyber Security.

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This was so convenient. Great option for someone looking to expand their knowledge on the various challenges and liabilities businesses face today.

Member's Profile
Great and helpful information on this topic that is useful in helping individuals and employees understand business identity theft.

Member's Profile
Great course, the instructor is an expert and her explanations and examples are really good to help to understand the material.

Member's Profile
Very interesting course with relevant information for those advising or managing a business. Well-presented and engaging!

Anonymous Author
Very important topic for internal auditors as well as management of companies. Again - a very good presentation of Lynn.

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I like how the course is broken down by section and can allow for easy stop and starts to learn at my own pace

Member's Profile
Very interesting subject. And as for the instructor; she is very good in communicating clear ideas

Anonymous Author
Helpful course to understand identity theft and how it can impact businesses .

Member's Profile
Good distinction made between business identity and personal identity theft.

Anonymous Author
Good topic that is often not discussed

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Gives great resources and tools.

Anonymous Author
Informative class and good tips

Anonymous Author
nice review course

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Course Syllabus
Business Identity Theft
  Business Identity Theft Overview9:26
  Why are Businesses Being Targeted? 8:39
Laws and Organizations to Help
  Laws Against Identity Theft5:21
  Organizations That Can Help6:35
  Understanding How Identity Thieves Operate8:28
  Preventing Business Identity Theft 13:17
  Preventing Business Identity Theft (CONTINUED) and Course Summary11:55
Continuous Play
  Slides: The Business Identity Theft CrisisPDF
  The Business Identity Theft Crisis Glossary/IndexPDF