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This course explains how businesses can use big data and advanced analytics, and the business value they can add. It begins by explaining where most businesses are with their current Big Data programs and the issues they face. The challenges of using data analytics and the business case for using data to improve management are a focal point. The focus on decision-making is extended to discuss the differences between decision support and decision management, and how predictive analytics can be incorporated into the firm. This course is designed to allow business professionals to make the case for, and frame the successful use of, data analytics in their business operations.

***Please download and open all supporting materials before starting the course videos.***

Learning Objectives

  • Identify challenges (and mitigations) in successful adoption of predictive analytics.
  • Recognize the value of predictive analytics in terms of improved decision-making.
  • Explore existing practices in data analytics and cutting edge practices.
  • Recognize the differences between backward looking and forward looking analytics opportunities.
  • Identify opportunities for predictive analytics in business operations.
Last updated/reviewed: July 22, 2018

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Anonymous Author
Good course. I learned a bit about application of DA and how it helps organizations. It was very interesting to see the applications of PA in different industries.
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Excellent overview of Big Data opportunities. Creates a strategic mindset and different ways of approaching client discussions--raising issues that our clients and their executives wrestle with but ones that we as auditors and tax advisors don't normally think to raise and discuss
Anonymous Author
The course offers a good overview of the practical implications of big data and how to convey its ROI to a client / internal management.
Anonymous Author
excellent overview of opportunity for business to use big data analytics. I look forward to reviewing the more detailed courses.
Anonymous Author
Excellent course - though it was soft skills - i found it very informative and useful for my day to day work
Anonymous Author
Does a good job of showing different ways that we can put big data to use and not just the terminology.
Anonymous Author
It was interesting how important it is to consider ROI and how to start small.
Anonymous Author
Great course! The instructor is very clear and makes the issues interesting.
Anonymous Author
this one was a little long and redundant with the other materials
Anonymous Author
This course was very informative and the leader was great.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

Viewers should be familiar with basic financial and accounting concepts. In addition, viewers should be familiar with Big Data and Business Intelligence, or review my existing courses on the topic.

Education Provider Information

Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Course Syllabus
Introduction and Overview
  12:32Introduction to Finding Business Opportunities for Big Data Analytics
  20:09Applications of Big Data
  7:43Big Data Today
  11:00Big Data Tomorrow
  7:42Putting Big Data Into Use
Continuous Play
  59:06Finding Business Opportunities for Big Data Analytics
Supporting Materials
  PDFSlides: Finding Business Opportunities for Big Data Analytics
  PDFFinding Business Opportunities for Big Data Analytics Glossary/Index
Review and Test