The financial planning process is an ongoing function that, when corporations do not give enough attention to, causes several surprises in operations, funding and shareholder value. Having proper forecasts prepares management and shareholders for exploring potential growth and required investments, and ensuring that the business creates value for shareholders in the long run.

The course starts by explaining the need for financial planning and forecasting in today’s business environment, and how to differentiate between good forecasts and bad ones. The course also explains how financial planning is dependent in essence on historical performance and perceived future prospects of the business, the industry and in a wider range, the economy.

The course discusses detailed concepts for forecasting financial statements, starting with revenues and associated direct and indirect cost, the required investments in CAPEX or working capital to achieve the operational targets, and identifying any funding gaps and determining the best funding options. At the end of the course we discuss possible payouts to shareholders, or reinvesting the profits in the business again.

The course also discusses preparing different scenarios for each variable in order to assess the different interactions among them. At the end, the course discusses techniques to explain whether or not the business is doing well in the long run.


Learning Objectives
  • Explore how to prepare a proper financial plan.
  • Recognize the different effects of changes in variables on the business.
  • Explore how to calculate the external funding needed for the business.
  • Identify key concepts to evaluate the performance of the business.
  • Recognize how to compare the results of the forecasts with management's & shareholder's expectations
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Very detailed for 1 CPE Audio quality had many pops and drops - needs a better mic or post-production.

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Good look into the basics of managerial financial planning, forecasting, budgeting.

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Pretty useful info. Slide deck is helpful for reference.

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Course was a good overview forecasting and budgeting

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good course. I recommend to enroll for this course.

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good course

Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 


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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Financial Planning & Forecasts4:41
  Where to Start & Desired Outcome2:09
  Revenue Projections4:22
  OPEX Projections5:34
Planning and Analysis
  Fixed Assets Planning2:22
  Working Capital Planning, Non-operating items, Provisions6:52
  Existing Debt and Shareholders' Equity 3:35
  Funding Gap & Sensitivity Analysis 7:38
Continuous Play
  Finanical Planning and Forecasts Full Video36:52
  Slides: Financial Planning & the ForecastsPDF
  Financial Planning & the Forecasts Glossary/IndexPDF