Organizations often feel that they can execute a fraud investigation themselves. Sometimes, internal audit, legal or compliance is asked to be part of or execute a fraud evaluation for fraud investigation. However, without the proper protocols and departmental procedures in place to appropriately execute this type of project, there can be many missteps which could put the organization at risk. In my many years working in internal audit I’ve often noted that in some cases management may defer to internal audit to investigate an issue. In other cases, they may manage the investigation without the knowledge or involvement of internal audit. There can be many reasons for each approach but if internal audit is to be involved it is important that they establish the proper procedures within their department to be able to adequately investigation or evaluate an issue.

This course provides a methodology and thoughts any organization when deciding to internally execute a fraud investigation. It is important to note that this narrative may not be all inclusive for your organization. It is meant to provide you with thought points and actions when developing your organization’s fraud fighting process. Some of the phases as presented may be performed in a different order than presented depending on how your organization manages the engagement.

Learning Objectives
  • Explore and evaluate phases of a fraud methodology framework.
  • Discover and examine Phase One: Determination of Role in a Fraud Investigation.
  • Discover and examine Phase Two: Protocol for Complaint Management.
  • Explore and evaluate and Understand elements of phase three: Complaint Credibility Assessment.
  • Explore the stages of Phase IV: Investigative Protocol.
    • Examine pre-investigation stage
    • Examine investigative stage
    • Examine post investigative stage
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Anonymous Author
Concise content and very helpful considering the global business environment and impact of digitalization driving the increase in fraud incidents.

Anonymous Author
This class was great at keeping to the topic. If was was for a specific part of the investigation.

Anonymous Author
The information for this course was outlined in a clear and consice manner.

Anonymous Author
Very Clear outline of fraud and great breakdown of explanation of process.

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Super interesting material. Wish the review question answers were given.

Anonymous Author
It is well summarized to understand a fraud fighting methodology.

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