Crafted for those in accounting firms, this story-filled course you help you learn common behaviors that create a productive bond between an employee and their job, their manager, their teams and their firm contrasted with those behaviors that are disengaging and therefore detrimental. Learn four key connections that are essential for firms to set employees up to give their best effort to a firm; and learn potential firm benefits to “doing right” by and with your employees. End the session with small, practical, and easy-to-implement tactics that can bring your employees more into the fold with your firm. Key benefits to doing this right see firms improving their staff and client retention, as well as seeing increases in productivity and new client acquisition.

This course is appropriate for anyone in a people-supervisory position: from senior accountant to managing partner. It can also be the starting place to address cultural stress in a firm. Employee engagement tenants apply to everyone, but they are essential for those who manage others to keep top of mind.

Course Key Concepts: Culture, Engagement, Supervisor, Supervision, Manager, Management.

Learning Objectives
  • Explore the four key connections for employees.
  • Recognize behaviors that are helpful and harmful to engaging employees.
  • Discover potential firm benefits from getting employees to be “all in” to the firm.
Last updated/reviewed: January 17, 2023
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Anonymous Author
Excellent presentation. I wish all managers would take this class to understand the importance of valuing staff and the impact it has on their productivity. This is an oversight by manager unsuccessful managers. More leadership training like this would prevent a lot of turnover in an organization!

Anonymous Author
Connections is key. With Covid I did find myself beginning to disengage and not put as high a value on the connection. I am so happy to be back in the swing and this course reenforced those positive attitudes and to be kind.

Member's Profile
As a new manager, this course was very helpful and also gave me good ideas on how to manage a team and how to work on different situations and also acknowledges how to work on different scenerios

Anonymous Author
This was a very good and well thought presentation. It is a good reminder of what we should do to improve work environment and help employees and manager better collaborate with one another.

Anonymous Author
Good information to help manage in the current times and environment. Practical ways to manage and develop staff.

Member's Profile
Great course, good overview. I liked how the information was informative but wasn't drawn out too long.

Member's Profile
This is a key success factor to be able to get employees to become all in and engaged in the business.

Member's Profile
very good course. the examples from the real world were helpful and insightful

Anonymous Author
I really enjoyed this course on getting your employee to be All in

Course Complexity: Foundational

Supervisory or managerial position, or preparing to become a supervisor

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Course Syllabus
  Engaging Your Team to Be All In6:27
  Behaviors that Engage and Disengage Your Team17:46
  Results from Kenya2:04
  Four Key Employee Connections11:21
  Benefits to The Firm5:35
  How to Start7:03
  Wrap Up1:50
  Engaging your team to be All In!52:06
  Slides: Engaging your team to be All In!PDF
  Engaging your team to be All In! Glossary/ IndexPDF