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People are able to be effective in a workplace environment by developing and maintaining different kinds of boundaries.  By creating, maintaining, and communicating clearly around physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual boundaries, everybody is capable of creating healthy, productive relationships.  When boundaries are not acknowledged or well-maintained the result can be poor personal health, increased stress for individuals and teams, blaming and victimization.  Instead of optimizing their performance people begin manipulating others and becoming verbally or even physically aggressive.

This course will in enable you to:

  • Define types of boundaries:  appropriate, loose, or rigid – and whether they are helpful or harmful.
  • Identify ways you can develop healthy personal boundaries.
  • Discover skills that you can develop and call upon at work to enhance a more effective application of boundaries.

In addition, you will learn how to recognize several types of boundary violating behaviors and review scripts you can apply for yourself or use with others to generate more beneficial and clear boundaries.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify 3 kinds of boundaries and recognize how to be more effective when using them
  • Recognize 4 types of boundary violators and specific behaviors they display
  • Identify how to create and maintain your own healthy boundaries at work
  • Identify specific steps to improve boundaries at work
  • Explore ways that improving boundaries can lead to more effective workplace relationships
Last updated/reviewed: November 7, 2020

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Anonymous Author
A useful, extremely basic and cursory introduction to boundary concepts in workplace environments, with some overlapping applicability in work-life balance. Persons seeking to make the information actionable would be well-served to contact the instructor for a more extensive list of resources.
Anonymous Author
I liked the visual description of types of boundaries. I disliked labeling people as "compliants" or "controllers" etc. because everyone can switch roles depending on the context.
Member's Profile
I liked how there were PDFs that I can reference from later on down the road. I also liked how each section was split up so its easier to follow.
Member's Profile
Highly recommended to everyone in the workplace. As a practitioner of mindfulness, I also liked the bit about mindful awareness and meditation.
Member's Profile
Very well presented and interesting. I enjoyed the content and the flow of the presentation. I shall listen to this again soon.
Member's Profile
I really enjoyed this course- I would have liked to know more about oversharing- specifically, how to manage oversharing.
Anonymous Author
I was insightful, it really showed how easily each person could be overstepping another's person's boundaries!
Member's Profile
Excellent course in defining what healthy and unhealthy boundaries are and how to change that paradigm.
Member's Profile
Interesting topic, not the sort of thing I would normally think about.
Anonymous Author
Intriguing and insightful presentation. Excellent instructor.
Member's Profile
Useful course focusing on key issues in a clear manner.
Anonymous Author
Great course


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 

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Course Syllabus
  7:37Introduction to Good Fences Make Good Teammates: Defining and Implementing Effective Boundaries In the Workplace?
Defining and Implementing Effective Boundaries
  9:10Recognizing Healthy and Unhealthy Boundaries
  7:34Boundary Violators
  14:42Developing and Maintaining Boundaries
  12:20Developing and Maintaining Boundaries (Continued)
  10:15Course Summary
Continuous Play
  1:01:38Good Fences Make Good Teammates: Defining and Implementing Effective Boundaries In the Workplace?
  PDFSlides: Good Fences Make Good Teammates
  PDFGood Fences Make Good Teammates Glossary/Index