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Most books, articles, and courses on managing meetings ignore the fact that leaders, managers, and facilitators of meetings have different roles.  Thus, a course in managing meetings effectively needs to take those three roles into consideration.  We do.

Briefly – the Leader has something to say.  The Manager wants interaction to lead to a specific end point – usually a solution.  The facilitator is there to make sure process is followed.  In this course, we discuss how each of these three roles affects the manner in which meetings are designed and led.

We also discuss the techniques that are useful for different types of meetings, both live and virtual.  Settings, time, and expectations all differ depending on the goal of the meeting. We offer a comprehensive checklist to help in the preparation of meetings   Types of meetings and how best to lead, manage or facilitate them is also discussed.  The goal of this course is to enable you to go from “oh no, not another boring meeting” to “we get things done quickly and effectively in our meetings.”

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the different roles of leadership, management, and facilitation of meetings
  • Discover that different timing and different agendas work for different types of meetings.
  • Recognize meeting process and how it differs in different types of meetings
  • Identify what is needed (checklist) to effectively conduct meetings.
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Examples are good but content rambles a little and mouse clicks in background a little distracting.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 

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Course Syllabus
  3:21Introduction to Effective Meeting Management for Leaders, Managers and Facilitators
Effective Meeting Management
  12:14Leader, Manager, or Facilitator
  5:24Meeting Preparation
  14:24Tyes of Meetings Part 1
  9:40Types of Meetings Part 2
  9:53Types of Meetings Part 3
  16:32 Board of Directors Meetings
  2:26It's About The People
  1:13:55Effective Meeting Management for Leaders, Managers and Facilitators
  PDFSlides: Effective Meeting Management for Leaders, Managers and Facilitators
  PDFEffective Meeting Management for Leaders, Managers and Facilitators Glossary/Index
  quizReview Questions
 examFinal Exam