Chief Human Resource Officers (CHRO’s) face challenges and pressures that are unprecedented within the profession.  Modern HR leaders have earned a seat at the strategy table along with the other C-suite functions.  However, many practices and mindsets within the HR department remain throwbacks to an outdated “Personnel” function.

Simply put:  today’s HR leader cannot afford old mindsets and ineffective behaviors.

This fast-paced and straight-talking course introduces 10 of the most common, yet often the most “unacknowledged”, behaviors the CHRO indulges in that are:

  • undermining their credibility with employees
  • poisoning their relationships with their peers, and
  • causing the Board and shareholders to lose faith in their ability to execute

As these “landmines” are identified, the course introduces powerful shifts in perspective and subtle behavioral changes that allow CHRO’s to:

  • acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of all employees
  • balance strategic vision with relentless execution, and
  • model cultural norms and act in alignment with organizational values

Greater visibility at senior leadership levels means tougher goals and more exacting demands on the CHRO and the entire HR function.  These demands come with a wealth of opportunities to leverage modern HR insights and practices to help the company grow faster than ever, at lower costs, in a fraction of the time.

In other words:  you’ll learn how to hit fewer landmines while running faster than ever before!

Learning Objectives
  • Identify behaviors that undermine Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) credibility and effectiveness
  • Discover the negative impact of old practices on employee morale and motivation, peer expectations, and Board evaluations
  • Discover how new behaviors allow the CHRO to be a leader not only within HR but in the whole organization 
Last updated/reviewed: March 18, 2024
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Anonymous Author
This course served an effective refresher for championing and modeling organizational behaviors, while reiterating the significance of ensuring alignment and advocacy of the CHRO with the c-suite and executive leaders. Although basic principles, the facilitator's review of common landmines was beneficial.

Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course.

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Ten Landmines CHRO’s Step On
  Landmines Chro's Step On Numbers 10,9, and 88:43
  Landmines Chro's Step On Numbers 7,6, and 510:34
  Landmines Chro's Step On Numbers 4,3, and 29:32
  The Number 1 Landmines Chro's Step On and Course Summary20:35
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  Ten Landmines CHRO’s Step On and How to Step Lightly1:01:47
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