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Mergers, acquisitions, and new partnerships bring lots of risk. That’s why it’s prudent to conduct pre-deal due diligence that goes beyond just finances and operations and stay up-to-date on any new developments throughout the deal process.

Before investing your organization’s time, money, and reputation, consider how well you know the people and companies behind the investment. Are they who they say they are? Are they trustworthy, reputable, and reliable? Is there anything in their past that will affect the future?

This course covers the what why, and who of investigations; how to align your level of due diligence with your level of risk; and the three-step process for building profiles on the people and companies that affect your company’s reputation and bottom line.

Course Key Contents: Due diligence, Risk management, Background investigations, Background checks, Pre-deal risk, Pre-deal due diligence, Investigative research, Online research


Learning Objectives

  • Discover what a due diligence background investigation is and what it’s not, how it’s used to minimize risk, who should conduct the investigation, so you get the best results.
  • Explore the levels of due diligence background investigations and how to align with level of risk.
  • Identify the three-step process for due diligence background investigations, including:
    • Prepare: Know the limitations of online investigations, how to identify the warning signs in a company’s or individual’s background, and what sources will help you focus your investigation.
    • Research: Discover the 5 components of the research process that provide the most useful information.
    • Action: Recognize the techniques for making sense of the data and turning it into actionable information.
Last updated/reviewed: January 20, 2020


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

Education Provider Information

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Course Syllabus
Introduction And Overview
  1:43Introduction to Due Diligence Background Investigations
  11:23Background Investigations: What? Why? Who?
  5:27Levels of Investigations
  13:49Three Step Process: Step 1-Prepare
  2:35Know Your Sources
  14:29Step 2 - Research
  2:48Step 3 - Action
Continuous Play
  54:24Due Diligence Background Investigations: A 3-Step Process for Minimizing Risk
Supporting Material
  PDFSlides: Due Diligence Background Investigations: A 3-Step Process for Minimizing Risk
  PDFHandouts: Due Diligence Background Investigations: A 3-Step Process for Minimizing Risk
  PDFDue Diligence Background Investigations: A 3-Step Process for Minimizing Risk Glossary/Index
Review And Test