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Made and missed opportunities in earnings calls present opportunities for improvement for even the most experienced CFOs. Too often, fumbles occur when an earnings call is other than typical (good or bad). This course helps CFOs avoid pitfalls and present themselves and their companies in the most positive light during earnings calls.

We cover:

  • Understanding the audience and the legal context of investor-company communications.
  • How to make an earnings call part of a thoughtful on-going conversation with investors, including investor day presentations.
  • The anatomy of an earnings release--including text, conference call, and the analyst and trader perspectives.
  • A view of a fundamental analyst toolkit, sharing screen shots from a popular analysis software package to briefly illustrate to CFOs how they look under the analyst microscope.


  • This course is not an overview of an investor relations program. Rather, it focuses on earnings release-related specific pitfalls and opportunities were a CFO can make a difference.
  • A broader perspective is shared in the companion course “Seeing your company through investor eyes – CFO opportunities in strategic communications”
Learning Objectives
  • Determine typical pitfalls in communicating earnings and recognize how to avoid them.
  • Enumerate approaches and tools used by analysts to evaluate your company.
  • Ascertain new opportunities to improve your earnings communication approach.
Last updated/reviewed: March 4, 2024
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Anonymous Author
Excellent overview of all the things required to drive an effective earnings call and ongoing investor communications. I thought they raised a good point during the course - you must think like an investor and learn things about your company through your investors' eyes.

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Would be intersting to hear it from a company's perspective. These people were analysts who may know that side and what they want to hear, but trying to hit that from a company's side is very difficult sometimes.

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Good overview but would have preferred more visual material.

Anonymous Author
Good content;

Course Complexity: Advanced

Prerequisite: Overview of investor relations
Advanced Preparation: None

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Course Syllabus
Before an Earnings Release
  Company Communication Audience and Legal Context2:37
  Ongoing Investor Relations and Investor Day Presentation11:31
Aspects of an Earnings Release
  Text - Conference Call11:02
  Analyst Perspective and Analysis18:51
  Course Summary 1:00
  Slides: Providing Effective Earnings CallsPDF
  Providing Effective Earnings Calls Glossary/IndexPDF