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This course explains a dashboard and its different components. A dashboard provides pertinent summary information to assist in management decision-making. It is geared to emphasize areas of performance that managers are interested in. Everyone has their own opinion as to what a dashboard should look like, however, most agree that it is a display of key information that can fit on a single computer screen or page. It should display key trends, comparisons and data graphically or in small tables. Some people advocate charts while others prefer using functions and pivot tables. There is no single dashboard template. Therein lies the difficulty - How the heck do you fit all the key information onto one screen or page and keep it readable?

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and define a dashboard and its different components.
  • Recognize the design component of the dashboard.
  • Recognize, create and edit appropriate charts for a dashboard.
  • Recognize, create and edit in-cell charts and tables.
  • Recognize and create Sparklines.
  • Discover and apply different linking methods in a dashboard.
  • Discover and apply different filtering techniques and data validation to data.
  • Recognize and understand how to use absolute cell references and range names.
  • Recognize the pros and cons of pivot charts and how to use them in a dashboard.
  • Recognize the different types of conditional formatting and how to apply them.
  • Recognize and apply different functions within a dashboard.
  • Recognize how to protect and distribute dashboards.
Last updated/reviewed: July 06, 2022

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Awesome content, this really helped me understand both excel and dashboarding!
Anonymous Author
I learned about some really useful Excel features that I didn't know about - slicers, other forms of conditional formatting, and dynamic charts.
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Good course with relevant info and examples. Found that is was easy to follow and templates provided will be good starts for future dashboards.
Anonymous Author
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Excellent class, the supporting PDF and excel templates will provide immense value in generating dashboards.
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Level up your dashboard skills with this fabulous course! Extremely thorough and easy to follow!
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Lots of useful information, but difficult to read through. Great reference guide.
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Outdated information needs to be refreshed for latest version of Excel
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So many great tips and instructions. Can’t wait to apply them!


Course Complexity: Foundational
An intermediate knowledge of Excel is assumed.
Version: Excel - Microsoft 365
• Basic understanding of file management- how to open and save files.
• Knowledge of how to create and format a simple chart and pivot table.
• How to use formulas and basic functions such as IF.
• Understanding of absolute cell references,

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