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Sampling is a critical means of determining the extent of testing for evaluating projected error or misstatement in financial statements, deficiencies in internal control, or noncompliance. 

This course provides insight into how to avoid common misconceptions and misapplications in various sampling applications.

Course Series

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7 CoursesAn Auditor's Perspective on...

  1. Preparing Financial Statements – An Auditor’s Perspective on What Matters Most
  2. Independence Rules for CPA’s – An Auditor’s Perspective on Significant AICPA, Public Company, Governmental, and International Differences
  3. Designing and Performing Sampling Plans – An Auditor’s Perspective on Monitoring Internal Controls, Compliance, and the Reasonableness of Account Balances
  4. FASB ASC Section 205-40: Going Concern Uncertainty – An Auditor’s Perspective
  5. FASB ASC Topic 470: Debt – An Auditor’s Perspective on Common Balance Sheet Classification Issues
  6. FASB ASC Topic 820 Fair Value – An Auditor’s Perspective on Determining Fair Value of Non-Readily Marketable Investments
  7. Recently Issued GAAP Relevant to Small- or Mid-Size Private Companies – An Auditor’s Perspective on What Merits the Most Attention

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how to select the most correct sampling method for the intended purpose of the procedure
  • Discover how to calculate the sample size for tests of controls, tests of compliance, and tests of details
  • Explore how to evaluate the results of sampling plans, including resolving discrepancies and projected misstatements 
Last updated/reviewed: October 10, 2018

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Anonymous Author
I wish there could be a mock account for example of inventory purchases that can be used to show us how all these sampling methods are applied to select what items to be tested; and therefore show us the impact on the selection when different method is used.
Anonymous Author
Great update on audit sampling. The course provided great info on the different audit sampling methodologies.
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In my opinion, this is an outstanding course which every auditor should take. Excellent
Anonymous Author
Useful material, comprehensive analysis, loud and clear presentation. Thanks!
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Technical materials - pay attention.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course. 

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Course Syllabus
  2:16Introduction to Designing and Performing Sampling Plans
  7:14What is Sampling?
Attribute Sampling
  5:25What is Attribute Sampling?
  2:43Attribute Sampling Selection Methods
  8:35Attribute Sample Size Determination
  4:09Evaluating Results of Attribute Sampling Application
Variable Sampling
  10:15What is Variable Sampling?
  7:19Variable Sampling - Key Element Considerations
Monetary Unit Sampling
  12:38Monetary Unit Sampling (MUS) - Introduction
  4:44Compliance Audit Applications
Continuous Play
  1:05:18Designing and Performing Sampling Plans
  PDFSlides: Designing and Performing Sampling Plans
  PDFDesigning and Performing Sampling Plans Glossary/Index