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When it comes to performance management, the most important thing to remember is that it should always be ongoing and collaborative. Performance management should never be executed as one conversation a year. It is much more than an opportunity for management to lay out an employee’s strengths and weaknesses, then send them on their way. It is anything and everything that can be done to drive employee behavior in the right direction.

The fact is that annual performance evaluations on their own are not enough to develop employees' knowledge, skills, and abilities in a way that benefits the organization as a whole. One reason being that most performance evaluations fail to include core values in performance conversations. This means that performance management lacks a connection to the bigger picture – organizational strategy. At the moment, the factor that sets organizations apart from one another is human capital, so investing in employees drives corporate objectives. If done correctly, performance management can increase productivity and assist the organization in maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

Join Catherine Mattice Zundel, as she takes you through the process of developing an effective performance management system that aligns with your organization's culture, ensures management is properly coaching employees to improve, and utilizes forms and processes in a way that actually increases performance. 

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize performance management as an ongoing and collaborative process
  • Identify tools for conducting productive coaching conversations that improve performance
  • Discover how to set expectations with employees and hold them accountable for their behavior
  • Explore organizational culture and how to utilize your vision, mission, and core values to drive performance
  • Discover ways to incentivize and reward employees for outstanding performance
  • Explore options for disciplining employees, when it comes to it
  • Explore best practices for developing and maintaining a collaborative performance management system
Last updated/reviewed: June 22, 2021

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This was a great course on performance management. She gave good examples and instructions on how to manage employees performance when things are going as expected and when they are not.
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All HR professionals should take this course. Especially those that suffer from high turnover at their organization due to employee's poor performance.
Anonymous Author
Informative and inspiring presenter with relevant examples I could relate to.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  6:39Introduction to Creating a Performance Management System that Actually Improves Performance
  14:12The Performance Management Process
  5:48Setting Clear Expectations
  9:15Coaching Behavior
  4:53Rewarding Success
  15:14Discipline When Necessary
  1:00:52Creating a Performance Management System that Actually Improves Performance
  PDFSlides: Creating a Performance Management System that Actually Improves Performance
  PDFCreating a Performance Management System that Actually Improves Performance Glossary/Index