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Internal auditors spend weeks performing an audit, but in the end, others only see the audit report. It is time to rethink the format you have been using.

Are you including meaningful content, visuals, and an overall theme? The last thing we want to hear is that the report was boring. In this presentation, we will tear apart common report templates and make these better!

Learning Objectives

  • Explore a better report structure.
  • Identify ways to write better issues.
  • Recognize best practices in the use of visuals.
Last updated/reviewed: May 6, 2022

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Anonymous Author
The course was great. I liked the presentation entirely. The instructor was giving excellent examples of what to use and what not do use when writing a report.
Anonymous Author
Well run with clear materials. Many slides could be updated or reviewed for grammar and detail that may be inaccurate. The points, however, were clear and valid. One item that I would like to bring up is the comment about issues that may be a "little wrong" and it disturbs me because this is not only subjective, but as auditors it is our role to ensure that the readers of the financial report understand the significance. If it has "high" risk or leaves out many of the issues because we don't want to "overburden" management, this is a significant concern to the structure, integrity and timeliness of reporting. If we have 20 issues, but leave some out or essentially disregard the cumulative effect of some of the issues, we promote inefficiencies in addressing where management is failing. I've seen major private and public entities and banks, where this was their mindset, which basically means they keep on incompetent people and look for those who are "positive" in light of a storm. I do think your points are valid, but not as balanced to emphasize the fact that as auditors we must remain independent.
Anonymous Author
A fresh and insightful look at audit reporting that is designed to improve report effectiveness. The presenter offers some great strategies, which focus on conveying audit information constructively in a format that holds the reader's attention. Practical content that can be used daily.
Anonymous Author
The course gave me an open view that audit reports do not have to be standardized or generic which at the end of the day makes the reports boring or too wordy. As long as you follow the IIA guidance, you can make the report more enticing for the reader.
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Excellent soft voiced Professional Presentation with adequate coverage. Thanking you for your excellent services
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a ton of thoughtful ideas, templates, and an experienced, knowledgeable trainer--enjoyed the course
Anonymous Author
Great course. Good outline of best practices and current fresh approach to report writing.
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The instructor was very engaging, easy to understand and concise in his message.
Anonymous Author
Highly effective examples incorporated into the course.


Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  3:24Introduction to Create a More Engaging Audit Report
  12:42Structure the Report
  14:04Write Better Issues
  5:43Audit Report Template
  4:19Indulge Language to Diffuse Tension
  8:36Demonstrate Best Practices
  0:52Session Recap
  49:36Creating a More Engaging Audit
  PDFSlides: Create a More Engaging Audit Report
  PDFCreate a More Engaging Audit Report Glossary/ Index
  PDFEvaluate Your Writing Style
  PDFAudit Reports