Covid-19 is arguably the largest global crisis of our time. You did not cause this crisis to occur, yet you deeply believe you are responsible to lead your people through it to the other side. In this course, you will learn how to identify the three stages of change they are experiencing, how to quickly recognize the signs of each stage, and specific strategies and techniques to lead your workforce through trying times.

An often-quoted statistic is the Towers Watson study that found 75% of large-scale change efforts fail, and this was under the more favorable circumstances in which the leadership initiated the change, let alone circumstances like this in which the change is forced upon you by a virus. Despite popular belief, organizations fail to thrive in change not due to technology or process problems, but because leaders fail to grasp and manage the fundamental personal aspects of change, which flow in three recognizable stages.

Leaders who understand these stages, who know what to do and say in each stage and – equally important – what not to do and say, not only survive the change, but also build highly innovative organizations that thrive on change going forward.

This course will help you develop the confidence to become one of these leaders. You’ll learn:

  • The three stages of personal change: Losses & Endings, Transition, and New Beginnings.
  • How to discern which stage individuals are in, and which stage the company as a whole is in.
  • The clues and signs that your workforce may be experiencing hardship.
  • How to successfully guide your people through each stage.
  • What not to do and say in each stage.
  • How to leverage the crisis to create once-in-a-lifetime innovation in your company.
  • How to build a change-resilient organization.

Course Key Concepts: Leadership, Leadership Development, Crisis Leadership, Change Leadership, Executive Leadership, People Leadership, Organizational Management, Change Resilience, Change Management.

Learning Objectives
  • Explore the three stages that each person goes through during a major change.
  • Identify the clues that your people are experiencing loss, transition or a new beginning.
  • Discover the strategies and techniques to lead your team through each stage.
  • Recognize and seize unique opportunities for innovation and resilience during these trying times.
Last updated/reviewed: March 11, 2024
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Anonymous Author
Interesting on how to take a team through this when many people are not all in the same state at the same time. All good techniques though.

Anonymous Author
This is not only beneficial during our pandemic transitions but also beneficial through any organizational or mission changes.

Anonymous Author
The course led me to think about how to overcome the current situation,

Anonymous Author
Good class for many issues organizations are facing with Covid 19

Member's Profile
It provided good insights in what NOT to do or say at times.

Anonymous Author
Very relatable content, given the current environment.

Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Covid-19: Secrets to Lead your People Through the Emotional Upheaval of the Crisis4:50
  Losses and Endings7:12
  Three Techniques to Lead your Team Through Loss10:06
  Three Strategies to Get Your Team Through This Positively and Productively9:17
  Three Keys to Drive Once in a Lifetime Innovation12:27
  New Beginnings12:41
  Three Strategies to Lead Through New Beginnings15:09
  Course Wrap Up2:08
  Covid-19: Secrets to Lead your People Through the Emotional Upheaval of the Crisis1:13:28
  Slides: Covid-19: Secrets to Lead your People Through the Emotional Upheaval of the CrisisPDF
  Covid-19: Secrets to Lead your People Through the Emotional Upheaval of the Crisis Glossary/ IndexPDF
  Workbook: LeadingChange WorksheetPDF