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The COVID-19 virus has had a profound effect on the world economy. One important consideration of the pandemic is its impact on a company’s enterprise value. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a new financial metric for measuring profitability has emerged – EBITDAC (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization, and Coronavirus).

As the coronavirus pandemic spread, the profitability of many organizations was directly or indirectly impacted. Many businesses were forced to close or shelter-in-place. Other entities found it difficult to source material and in turn were unable to fulfill customer orders. Still other companies were unable to pivot to a remote workforce and suffered a decline in revenues. The addition of the ‘C’ to the traditional EBITDA metric is meant to quantify a company’s losses attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. Examples of potential “coronavirus” adjustments include:

  • Lost revenues and profits.
  • Disruptions to workforce (including employee severance or “combat pay” bonuses.
  • Lease termination costs.
  • Disruptions to supply chain (cost increases, expedited freight, etc.).
  • Declines in efficiency due to remote work environment.

This session will evaluate the purpose and use of the EBITDA measurement and the addition of the “C” component due to the coronavirus. We will examine what considerations organization may make when using this metric for merger and acquisition activity or simply management strategy forecasting.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the purpose and definition of EBITDA.
  • Explore and examine other measures used in conjunction with EBITDA.
  • Identify and consider the impact of EBITDA prior and post COVID.
  • Identify proper methods to recast your financial information for forecasting purposes.
Last updated/reviewed: May 12, 2022

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Anonymous Author
I wasn't familiar with the concept of EBITDA-C, but can see it's value. I do think it'd be very hard to judge what is truly pandemic related and what isn't, but you have to start somewhere. Nice overview - I learned something.
Anonymous Author
This course discusses not just Covid considerations, but also basics related to EBITDA and business valuations, At a face pace and with relevant insight into industry factors.
Member's Profile
The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. Thank you so much for this great course for a topic that has thrown us all for a loop
Anonymous Author
fairly straight forward concepts and insight. Practical and descriptive application of the impact of COVID for financial reporting purposes
Anonymous Author
I had not heard of EBITDA- C yet! I am glad I took this course, so that I am familiar with this.
Member's Profile
This webinar is very educational. Thank you for the opportunity to view it.
Anonymous Author
This was a great relevant topic to discuss for CPE credit.
Anonymous Author
Thank you for the great overview and upbeat presentation!
Member's Profile
Interesting course for the year we just had with COVID.


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Course Syllabus
  6:15Introduction to COVID-19 Impact on EBITDA: EBITDA-C
  7:38Defining EBITDA
  2:55EBITDA Prior to COVID
  4:23Other Measures
  10:56Why EBITDA-C
  10:57EBITDA and Recasting During COVID Times
  9:12Recasting Continued
  5:03Analyst Criticism on EBITDA-C
  1:03:32COVID-19 Impact on EBITDA: EBITDA-C
  PDFSlides: COVID-19 Impact on EBITDA
  PDFCOVID-19 Impact on EBITDA Glossary/ Index