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In this course we discuss the second and third factors of successful change: creating a clear, compelling vision of the change and identifying the call to action.

We begin by discussing the components of a successful vision. We identify how these components are impacted by culture. We discuss how to create an inclusive vision of change without diluting the overall message or making it too complex.

We then move to discussing the call to action. To determine what needs to be done requires considering system implications, and in a global environment underestimating this can result in failure. Once we address these system implications we discuss the specific calls to action needed. Clarifying what first steps you need each group to do across multiple cultures requires special attention to how tasks are delegated and how success measures are established. We identify the common barriers in these phases and the strategies to remove those obstacles.

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

4 CoursesLeading Global Change

  1. Leading Global Change: Part 1 - Understanding Cultural Implications
  2. Leading Global Change: Part 2 – Creating a Global Vision
  3. Leading Global Change: Part 3 – Connecting Globally
  4. Leading Global Teams – Without Leaving People Out

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the components required to create a clear, compelling vision
  • Identify the key components of vision that require a global perspective
  • Discover how to identify the initial call to action for each group
  • Explore the system implications to creating global change
  • Discover how different cultures impact the delegation of tasks, the measures of success and how to reward and recognize accomplishments
  • Identify if conditions are right to move forward with your change
  • Discover alternative strategies to create readiness for your change



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Anonymous Author
A good discussion of steps and impediments to implement change.
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Many missing slides


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. However, it is recommended to take the other courses in the series prior to completing this one.

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Course Syllabus
  1:56Introduction to Leading Global Change: Part 2 – Creating a Global Vision
Creating a Global Vision
  5:56The Change Equation
  8:51Components of a Successful Vision
  6:53Knowing When Your Change is Successful
  8:52Creating a Global Perspective
  12:52Identifying The Call to Action
  9:13Identify System Implications and Course Summary
Continuous Play
  54:33Leading Global Change: Part 2 – Creating a Global Vision
  PDFWorkbook: Creating a Global Vision
  PDFCreating a Global Vision Glossary/Index