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This course covers unusual and nonrecurring disclosure requirements for Income (Loss)  and expense/deduction items reported on the financial statements that must also be disclosed on Schedule M-3. 

Most of these topics relate either to industry specific book-tax differences or to items that are not usually encountered in the annual accounting cycle.  Nevertheless, when these items occur, they must be separately and adequately disclosed on Schedule M-3 as either “temporary” or ‘permanent” differences. It is important to “get the numbers right” when completing Parts II and III of Schedule M-3.

This course covers the unusual and nonrecurring items that must be disclosed on Schedule M-3 including:

  • Unusual income items that result in book-tax differences.
  • Unusual expense/deduction items that result in book tax differences.

Note:  Schedule M-3, Part II and III disclosures of frequently occurring book-tax differences was covered in prior intermediate courses. 

A comprehensive example of Schedule M-3, parts II and III for corporations with unusual/nonrecurring income, expense/deduction items is provided to reinforce your knowledge of the compliance/reporting issues regarding Schedule M-3 compliance.

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

1 CourseReporting and Compliance for Book-Tax Differences

  1. Corporate Tax Filing: Schedule M-3: Part I: Compliance and Reporting Issues
Learning Objectives
  • Identify which unusual/nonrecurring book-tax differences must be disclosed on Schedule M-3.
  • Discover why it is important to “get the numbers right” and to separately and adequately disclose income and expense/deductions.
  • Recognize how to disclose the following Part II, income items.
  • Recognize how to disclose the following Part III, expense/deduction items.
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A very useful review of Schedule M-3 items not covered in previous lectures.

Course Complexity: Advanced

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. However, it is recommended to take the other courses in the series prior to completing this one.

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Course Syllabus
Additional Reporting in Parts II and III
  Review Schedule M-310:49
  Line 15, 16, and 189:05
  Line 20 and Recap lines 1 - 711:27
  Line 18, 23 - 15, and 348:32
  Line 35 R&D Costs and Course Conclusion 6:42
Continuous Play
  5 Corporate Tax Filing Schedule M-3: Additional Reporting in Parts II and III47:58
  Slides: Schedule Schedule M-3 Additional Reporting in Parts II and IIIPDF
  Schedule Schedule M-3 Additional Reporting in Parts II and III Glossary/IndexPDF