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We all live in a world where there is never enough money, people or time to fix all problems and pursue all opportunities. Leaders can make very bad choices if their organizations do not think through their uncomfortable “taboo” topics for prioritizing what major issues to tackle and in what order.

To help create your unique prioritization, this course discusses 20 topics that boards of directors and CEOs feel should be addressed at most companies in order to find your “million dollar blind spot” before it finds you. The main themes include:

  • True customer and service profitability
  • How your company handles change
  • Overly optimistic financials
  • Opportunity cost
  • Self puffery

The course is led by an enterprise risk management expert, prior CFO, CTO and CEO with international experience across a range of industries. He has worked with the Fortune 500, middle market and methodically helped two companies reach the coveted INC 500 list. This course shares:

  • The CEO and board of director top 20 black holes and taboos.
  • Five categories those 20 issues can be grouped under.
  • Five myths to avoid as you tackle those issues.
Learning Objectives
  • Identify tactical steps to increase your effectiveness in tackling major issues at your company
  • Recognize how to anticipate key questions your CEO and Board of Directors will ask before they are asked.
  • Discover how to communicate in the "What's in it for me (WIFM)” approach non-accountants are looking for
  • Discover how to better prioritize and address key issues versus symptoms
Last updated/reviewed: August 14, 2023
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Very good information. Thought provoking.

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Interesting course material.

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Good thoughts - high level.

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Interesting presentation

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Course Syllabus
Top 5 Themes of The 20 Issues
  Top 5 Themes of The 20 Issues4:23
  First Theme of the 20 Issues6:41
  Second Theme of The 20 Issues6:08
  Third Theme of The 20 Issues6:06
  Fourth Theme of The 20 Issues 5:55
  Fifth Theme of The 20 Issues 5:06
Black Holes and Taboos
  Overview and Tactical Checklist 6:42
  Common Misconceptions and Which Issue: By When?5:41
  Extra Resources and Conclusion 2:35
  Slides: Black Holes and TaboosPDF
  Black Holes and Taboos Glossary/IndexPDF