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Success in today’s workplace isn’t just a matter of having smart people or better technology; it’s a matter of having a team of passionate, highly motivated, and mentally prepared people in every position. To be competitive, corporate professionals must produce results despite the constant changes of a global marketplace, or dramatic shifts in the way work is done. This course begins by addressing barriers to creating and executing meaningful goals. The course next utilizes a template format to create goals that support a workplace that is proactive rather than reactive, where continuous goal creation and review leave little room for crisis, stress, or frustration.

As corporate professionals learn how to bring balance and direction to their goals, they can develop and leverage a professional vision that not only improves their performance at work, but also adds to their quality of life.

This course is appropriate for corporate professionals across the organization (e.g., Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Information Technology, etc.).

Specific areas addressed include:

• Helping individuals prepare for success by addressing barriers that can hinder desired outcomes
• Facilitating the discovery of individuals’ workplace knowledge, skills, and/or abilities
• Teaching how to use workplace talents to achieve desired goal outcomes 

Learning Objectives

  • Explore how to address and resolve complex goal saboteurs 
  • Discover the existing hidden value in people and groups and recognize how to bring that talent and value forward to incite enthusiasm and motivate individuals/teams towards greatness
  • Explore how to develop specialized action plans that facilitate desired goal outcomes
  • Recognize formative and summative evaluation and how they facilitate goal accomplishment within the workplace 
  • Recognize potential organizational effectiveness improvements
Last updated/reviewed: June 25, 2021

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At first I was honestly taken aback by the instructor’s rather slow pace of speaking, but it did not take time to see how she is leading us through a process of deep introspection. I expect to use the challenging questions posed not only for business but for all aspects of my life.
Anonymous Author
Pretty academic and theoretical - for instance, in talking about goals, the statement was made that they "need to be realistic for you". Of course they do. But if you don't already know how to assess that, you won't learn it in this course.
Anonymous Author
This course gave a great foundation to goal setting, particularly in identifying barriers, reacting to and resolving those barriers, and helping to identify the best / worst outcomes of things occurring / not occurring.
Anonymous Author
The course is interesting and full of information. The speaker was able to discuss every detail and is very organized in the manner of presenting. She also gave so many insights for easy and better understanding.
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This course gives a good step by step process to set goals that will result in something believable and achievable. It was a good reminder to set the goals and keep tracking them.
Anonymous Author
This was a good overview of the process for preparing and reviewing goals. It shows the process has several steps required prior to determining your goals.
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Some helpful concepts and reiteration, I enjoyed the subject matter. However, the deck and graphics are super dated.
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Poorly edited course, extremely wordy, hard to keep concentration due to the format and loose content of the course.
Anonymous Author
this was a good course for a process for thinking about and writing goals.
Anonymous Author
It's useful to implement now.
Anonymous Author
Very concise.
Anonymous Author
Great course.
Anonymous Author
Odd slides.
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Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Course Syllabus
Breaking the Barriers
  10:15Breaking Down Barriers
  10:21Resistance to Change
  8:43Attempting to Achieve Conflicting Goals
  10:55Barriers - Most Surprising Insight
Creating The Goal
  5:37Writing The Goal
  14:01Agreeing Upon and Documenting The Goal
  4:17What Gets Tracked Gets Done
Continuous Play
  1:06:56Annual Goal Setting for Today's Corporate Professional: It's Not a Once a Year Conversation Full Video
  PDFSlides: Annual Goal Setting for Today's Corporate Professional
  PDFAnnual Goal Setting for Today's Corporate Professional Glossary/Index