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Why do for profit organizations exist??? To make money!!!!! What a great concept. But if the organization does not have the proper collections and credit procedures in place, they may not be able to access that money. Hence the importance of the credit and collection process.

Credit and collections are critical areas for the financial statement controllers. Customer credit is a form of payment that allows small business customers to purchase a product or service before paying for it in full. The process works similarly to the way a credit card does - you procure something and pay it back later. Collections is a term used by a business when referring to money owed to that business by a customer. When a customer does not pay within the terms specified, the amount of the bill becomes past due and is sometimes submitted to a collection agency.

The sales and collection process includes business activities related to selling products and services, maintaining customer records, billing customers, and recording payments from customers. It also includes activities necessary to manage accounts receivable, such as aging accounts and authorizing credit.

This course delves into the topics that impact the sales, credit and collections process for management. We discuss strategic steps management can take to ensure their processes are efficient and that they are able to actually collect their revenue.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover and define how the sales and collection process intersect.
  • Explore and define the collections process.
  • Identify and understand the challenges of the collection process.
  • Identify steps to include in the collection process.
  • Recognize the Collections in today‚Äôs world.
Last updated/reviewed: September 12, 2022

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Anonymous Author
Overall good explanation of the sales and collections process. This can arm controllers with useful tools to improve collections and better manage their AR.
Anonymous Author
Excellent course on Sales, Collection, and Customer credit with practical examples and journal entries.
Anonymous Author
Good overview of A/R concepts. Helpful summary of collections and collections cycle.
Member's Profile
Straightforward step by step explanation of the sales and collection process.
Member's Profile
The Controllership Series is a good introduction to many different subjects.
Member's Profile
Large amount of typos. The slides appeared sloppy.


Course Complexity: Foundational
No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  5:03Introduction to The Controllership Series: Sales, Collections and Customer Credit
  9:26Sales Process
  14:22Sales and Collection
  10:38Collection Process
  8:06Procedures for Collections
  7:56Collection in Today's World
  19:06Credit Cycle
  1:15:30The Controllership Series: Sales, Collections and Customer Credit
  PDFSlides: The Controllership Series: Sales, Collections and Customer Credit
  PDFThe Controllership Series: Sales, Collections and Customer Credit Glossary/Index