In March 2023, the SEC proposed its long-awaited climate change disclosure rules. As businesses adjust to meet stakeholder demands and deliver new, high-quality reporting, they need someone with the right experience to lead the way. There has been a rise in ESG Controller jobs. The person responsible for assuring that any ESG-related disclosures a company makes are complete and accurate, just like a “traditional” corporate controller is responsible for assuring the accuracy of financial disclosures.

As ever more jurisdictions move toward mandatory disclosure of ESG metrics, (ex: the European Union’s new Corporate Sustainability Reporting directive and impending U.S. SEC requirements) the urgency to get those disclosures right has gone up. This course to as an introduction to the concept of requirements for Controllers and financial personnel to understand ESG disclosures. Whether the role related to ESG disclosures and information falls into the job responsibility of the controller or not is yet to be seen. However, it is clear the Controller must maintain some level of knowledge and expertise around the types and timing of such disclosures.

Learning Objectives
  • Explore and examine the proposed SEC rule.
  • Discover and evaluate the need for an ESG Controller.
  • Explore and examine operationalizing ESG disclosure.
  • Recognize and review ESG Controller responsibilities.
  • Recognize and review ESG Controller skills.
  • Identify Traits for an ESG Controller.
  • Recognize and review an ESG Controller example job description.
  • Explore and examine an ESG team and structure.
  • Identify and examine practical steps for operationalizing ESG.
Last updated/reviewed: March 7, 2024

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Anonymous Author
Lynn did a great job explaining The proposed SEC rule.  The need for an ESG Controller  Operationalizing ESG disclosure  ESG Controller responsibilities.  ESG Controller skills  Traits for an ESG Controller  ESG Controller example job description  ESG team and structure  Practical steps for operationalizing ESG

Anonymous Author
It will be interesting to see how ESG reporting (whenever they come into effect in the US and soon to be in effect in Europe) affects the role of finance departments. This provides some idea of how it will fit with the controller function and what competencies are shared between the ESG requirements and financial disclosure requirements.

Anonymous Author
This course was very helpful in providing more understanding and clarification regarding ESG and its impact on controllers. The section that walked through the job description and expectations was very helpful, especially as this is a new topic and many roles have not been as defined.

Anonymous Author
Very powerful portrayal of how ESG reporting readiness requires company-wide coordination and strong cross-functional leadership. This course should be required learning not only for audit professionals, but for C-level executives and finance leaders in every listed company.

Member's Profile
Very interesting. It is important to understand the responsibilities of this role. Particularly important is the point that this is not the first time the profession has had to figure out how to handle new reporting requirements that cross the organization (e.g., SOx).

Anonymous Author
This is a great class to understand the potential impact of ESG, and to understand what new roles might be required.

Anonymous Author
Really interesting course about a topic I hadn't considered before. Recommend for anyone.

Member's Profile
Great course I recommend this to everyone that wants to learn more about this topic

Anonymous Author
Great overview of the goals, the new roles and responsibilities for ESG

Course Complexity: Foundational
No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.
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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to the Role of the Controller in ESG5:22
  The Need and Operationalizing ESG Reporting10:10
  SEC Proposal10:18
  ESG Controller Responsibilities and Skills12:22
  Traits of a Strong ESG Controller11:02
  Example Job Description12:08
  ESG Team and Structure9:32
  The Controllership Series: The Role of The Controller in ESG1:14:00
  Slides: The Controllership Series: The Role of The Controller in ESGPDF
  The Controllership Series: The Role of The Controller in ESG Glossary/IndexPDF