Today’s economy and all of the digital enhancements have impacted the way companies engage with their customers as well as how the company manages their internal practices. The business control function needs to keep pace.

The rising importance of analytical capability is critical when defining the role of the modern controller. Execution of analytics can vary but there are still key questions that must be asked. What are the options and what we need to understand to decide the best way forward?

This course focuses on the value that can be brought by the Controller when becoming involved with data analytics powered by technology and also Big Data. The digitized world we live in has made it important for the Controller function to evolve and take on this advanced task.

Learning Objectives
  • Explore the Controller’s increasing role in data analytics.
  • Discover and examine the surge in Big Data.
  • Explore and evaluate the process of Big Data Analytics.
    • Examine the benefits and challenges of Big Data Analytics.
  • Identify sources of Big Data Technology.
  • Explore examples of big data use for analysis.
  • Recognize and review the overall impact of Big Data.
  • Identify actions the Controller can take to accelerate data analysis.
Last updated/reviewed: January 26, 2023

Included In Certifications

This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

18 CoursesThe Controllership Series Certification

  1. The Controllership Series: The Controller Function - Elevating the Role
  2. The Controllership Series: The Controller Function - Strategic and Annual Planning
  3. GAAP Principles, Assumptions and Considerations
  4. The Treasury Function Part 1: Cash, Liquidity and Investments
  5. The Controllership Series: The Controller Function - Cash and Investments
  6. ASC 842 Accounting for Leases - Deep Dive
  7. Revenue Recognition (ASC Topic 606) Standard Overview
  8. The Controllership Series: The Controller Function - Inventory Part 1
  9. The Controllership Series: The Controller Function - Inventory Part 2 - Inventory Valuation, Physical Inventory Methods and Inventory fraud
  10. The Controllership Series: Overhead, Direct and Indirect Costs and Allocation Methods
  11. The Controllership Series: Financial Statement Preparation and Presentation
  12. Analyzing Financial Ratios - Leverage
  13. Analyzing Financial Ratios - Performance And Efficiency
  14. The Controllership Series: The Controllers Role in Data Analytics and Big Data
  15. The Controllership Series: The Financial Close Process
  16. The Controllership Series: Managerial Accounting Basics and Cost Principles
  17. The Controllership Series: Sales, Collections and Customer Credit
  18. Tools for The Controllership Series Certificate
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Anonymous Author
Professor Lynn - another great course from you as usual. You make every course you teach interesting and easy to absorb even if it is the first time one is learning about that subject matter. Thank you.

Anonymous Author
Thorough introduction to data analytics. Course emphasizes the importance of data analytics in the Controller role and provides insights and examples throughout.

Anonymous Author
Great overview of Big Data and how data analytics are used in todays business world and what it means for the future of the Controller's role.

Member's Profile
This is a course that provides helpful knowledge for big data analytics and its potential uses in the business and accounting worlds.

Member's Profile
For a topic that can be complex and difficult to dive into, this course does a great job of introducing it at an easy level.

Member's Profile
Wonderful course that provided a great high-level overview of Big Data and its implications for the accounting manager.

Anonymous Author
This data is basically helpful. It's a solid overview but I struggle with the actionable knowledge.

Anonymous Author
Good Overview of Big Data Analytics and how controllers can utilize and take advantage of Big Data.

Anonymous Author
Good break down of a very difficult topic. Provides good background information and specifics.

Course Complexity: Foundational
No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.
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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to The Controllers Role in Data Analytics and Big Data2:29
  Controllers Role in Data Analytics and Steps to Achieve16:26
  The Surge in Big Data10:06
  Big Data Analytics9:36
  Big Data Analytics Benefits and Challenges3:22
  Big Data Technology8:12
  Big Data Analysis and Examples3:06
  Impact of Big Data8:44
  Controller Actions10:46
  The Controllers Role in Data Analytics and Big Data1:14:09
  Slides: The Controllership Series: The Controllers Role in Data Analytics and Big DataPDF
  The Controllership Series: The Controllers Role in Data Analytics and Big Data Glossary/IndexPDF