Although suggestions, mandates and rules seem to be changing daily, there are some general things that managers and those of us still working can do to make it safer not only physically but psychologically and emotionally as well.

This webinar is focused on the person to person aspect of dealing with this pandemic in the workplace.  There are suggestions for helping individuals stay at home, or be safer if they opt to stay at work.  We discuss Management’s role in re-arranging the workspace, in making it safer, in offering various forms of protection – and in protecting those from being harmed due to prejudice born out of fear.

Reminders are offered to sanitize the workplace – often – and well.  In this time when we don’t know how long the virus lives on surfaces, we need to have an abundance of caution.

As the situation changes people will either be asked to stay at home – businesses will be forced to close at least temporarily – or it will become safer for us to convene together again.  There are suggestions for how to handle both ends of this spectrum.

Fear is real.  People handle it differently.  Logic must prevail while at the same time allowing people to have their own emotional responses. 

Learning Objectives
  • Explore various options for keeping your employees safe.
  • Discover some personal strategies for keeping yourself safe at work.
  • Recognize that the crisis is real and your community will have its own mandates as to what is to remain closed.
  • Identify ways to give assignments, hold people responsible and reward and recognize those that are now working at home.
  • Explore what you can and cannot do to financially help those that are losing money due to having to stay at home - or close their business.
Last updated/reviewed: March 17, 2024
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Anonymous Author
Dr. Diamond's lessons are timely and relevant. I greatly enjoyed her sharing of personal stories that assisted with learning the material.

Anonymous Author
Good overview for being done at the onset of the pandemic. Includes the reality of the situation.

Anonymous Author
good information but needs to be updated monthly with latest info

Anonymous Author
Mostly basic knowledge but a good reminder course.

Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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  Introduction to Concerns about Coronavirus in the Workplace1:53
  Real or Imagined3:37
  Sanitary Precautions1:56
  Management's Role8:52
  Personal Safety Precautions3:52
  Psychological Ramifications9:52
  Concerns about Coronavirus in the Workplace30:02
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  Concerns about Coronavirus in the Workplace Glossary/ IndexPDF