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It's been more than 20 years since the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) released its Internal Control—Integrated Framework (the original framework). The original framework is widely accepted as a leading framework for designing, implementing, and conducting internal control and assessing the effectiveness of internal control. Since then, technology has drastically changed the business operating environment and the associated risks. In May 2013, the COSO foundation released an update to the framework.

The framework was updated due to global economic changes, enhanced information technology and increased shareholder expectations. Professionals must obtain a basic understanding of the concepts, principles and potential impact, including changes from the 1992 framework and the key COSO components and 17 principles. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the important concepts of COSO 2013, including framework requirements and implementation, control environment compliance, risk assessment, and complying with information, communication, and monitoring components. You learn about the important changes in the COSO framework and explore opportunities for management to place a renewed focus on internal control and enhance and solidify their Sarbanes-Oxley attestation.

Last updated/reviewed: October 15, 2018

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this course was very good to help understand how to apply internal controls over operations and financial reporting. It was very good to understand the 17 principles and the points of focus.
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I enjoyed this course. I feel like everyone in our profession would benefit from this course. Very informative and an important part of a foundation for a business.
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Excellent course and material. The course was very detailed and increased my knowledge significantly. It would strongly recommend this course.
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This course was a good overview of COSO 2013 and provides enough detail to help establish a COSO framework for your company. Very well done.
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Great perspective on a difficult to get our arms around concept. Appreciate the update on the new COSO in easy to see and understand course.
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A comprehensive overview, and worthwhile to anyone who needs to be concerned about internal control - that's not just auditors!
Anonymous Author
Very through look at COSO and its application by management, auditors, and organizations as it relates to internal control.
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The course was very comprehensive and covered a wide variety of topics related to COSO. It was a good refresher course.
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This applies to the work I am doing now. I will use the new items I learned in my everyday projects.
Anonymous Author
This was a great overview of COSO 2013 including how to move COSO to the operationalization stage.
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Excellent recap of COSO 2013 and the changes since the 1992 framework came out.
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Great course, good overview of new material and refresher on older material.
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Excellent review on COSO 2013 and its relevance in today's IT driven world.
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Very good detailed summary of all aspects of the new COSO framework.
Anonymous Author
Good overview of the new Coso environment that we should consider.
Anonymous Author
works well for my continuing cpe requirements for me cpa and cia
Anonymous Author
Clear information about the main ideas addressed in COSO 2013.
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Very informative and detailed. Highly recommended.
Anonymous Author
Great material

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Course Syllabus
COSO 2013 Framework Requirements & Implementation
  3:29Introduction to COSO 2013
  6:37Definition and Benefits of IC
  8:23IC Basic Tenants
  2:42COSO 2013 Benefits and Challenges
  9:46Basic Framework
  13:45COSO Update and Key Changes
  2:33Keys to COSO 17 Principles
  7:13Control Environment
  5:15Risk Assessment
  7:14Control Activities
  4:52Framework Application
  3:14Needs Impact and Compliance Plan
COSO 2013 Control Environment Compliance
  3:05Introduction to Requirements for the Control Environment
  7:26Defining The Control Environment
  16:10Control Environment Attributes
  19:25Control Environment Principles 1 - 5
  5:43Mapping CE Principles
  8:37Methods of Evaluation and Course Summary
COSO 2013 Risk Assessment Compliance
  3:49Introduction to The Risk Assessment Attribute
  14:52Principles and Components of Risk Assessment
  16:04A Closer look at Principle 6
  8:28A Closer Look at Principle 7
  10:05A Closer Look at Principle 8
  8:38Principle 9 and Course Summary
COSO 2013 Control Activity Compliance
  1:32Introduction to the Control Activity Attribute
  17:27Defining Control Activities
  2:50Control Activity Principles
  8:39Principle 10
  4:30Principle 11
  9:18Principle 12
  6:29Mapping CE Principles and Course Summary
COSO 2013 Requirements for Information & Communica
  2:05Introduction to Information & Communication
  10:23Defining Information and Communication
  18:24Information and Communication Principles
  12:23Points of Focus that Support the I&C Principles
  5:45Understanding How to Utilize the POF in Your Transition Process
  6:08Course Conclusion and Summary
COSO 2013 Requirements for Monitoring Component
  3:44Introduction to the Monitoring Component of Coso 2013
  10:20Defining Monitoring
  3:25Monitoring Principles
  24:38Principle 16
  12:38Principle 17
  8:50Monitoring as a Support for other COSO Components and Conclusion
Moving COSO to Operationalization Stage
  6:26Introduction to Operationalizing COSO
  5:17Driving Force Behind Operationalizing COSO
  7:30Governance, Globalization and Business Models
  13:02Laws, Accountabilities, Fraud
  4:26COSO Principles: Application to Operation/Compliance Processes
  2:16Control Environment
  10:54Principle One and Two
  12:15Principles Three, Four and Five
  5:59Risk Assessment
  6:06Principles Six and Seven
  9:23Principle Eight
  4:34Principle Nine
  5:41Control Activities
  19:32Principle Ten
  12:21Principle Eleven
  11:43Information and Communication Principles
  11:22Monitoring and Summary
Continuous Plays
  1:27:43COSO 2013 Framework Requirements & Implementation Overview Continuous Play
  1:01:42COSO 2013 Control Environment Compliance Continuous Play
  1:02:56COSO 2013 Risk Assessment Compliance Continuous Play
  53:29COSO 2013 Control Activity Compliance Continuous Play
  58:46COSO 2013 Requirements for Complying with the Information & Communication Component Continuous Play
  1:05:16COSO 2013: Requirements for Complying with the Monitoring Component of COSO Continuous Play
  2:28:48Moving COSO to Operationalization Stage Continuous Play
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