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Tasks performed in Accounts Payable (AP) quite often need input from other functional areas within the company.  Is this required information being supplied?  If so, is it correct? 

Learn how to document and distribute detailed procedures, and explore how the information supplied is used and the importance of it being presented in the required format.  Too many people working in other departments assume that Accounts Payable can make assumptions.  Are they making guesses when performing their work? Explain why this is not a best practice. 

In this course, various topics are presented and examples of communications are given.  Methods for getting procedures out to the appropriate parties are also covered. 

Recognize how to reduce frustration not only for Accounts Payable personnel but for anyone submitting information or documentation to AP, and discover how to make details of procedures available.

Improve the timely posting of costs, and include due dates for the submission of invoices, expense reports and other payment requests that need to be posted or accrued for by the end of the fiscal period. 

Accounts Payable operations have the responsibility for processing invoices and other payment documents promptly and accurately.  Let others in the company know they need to do their part for the benefit of the company, not just for Accounts Payable.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the functional areas from which Accounts Payable operations need input.
  • Explore the procedures that should be documented.
  • Discover the benefits of open communications with others within the company.
  • Recognize what actions to take if incorrect details or documentation are presented to Accounts Payable.
Last updated/reviewed: August 22, 2023

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  6. Strengthening Vendor Relationships - Steps That Can Be Taken by Accounts Payable
  7. The Benefits of Reconciling Purchase Order Goods Receipts Not Yet Invoiced
  8. Reconciling Aged Open Payables and Outstanding Checks
  9. Benefits of An Accounts Payable Recovery Audit
  10. No PO, No Pay – Can It Work for Your Organization?
  11. What to Consider in an Accounts Payable Workflow Solution
  12. Creating an Accounts Payable Documentation Management Policy
  13. Communicating the Role of Accounts Payable to Others
  14. Justifying and Presenting the Needs of Accounts Payable Operations
  15. The Basics of Project Management for Accounts Payable
  16. KPIs and Metrics for Accounts Payable Manual Processes
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Anonymous Author
if i i tried to follow what was written on the slides and the teacher at the same time, i was getting very lost. The slides in this lesson were very confusing. I had to stop looking at the slides and just listen to the teacher. In general the slides of all lessons are very confusing, but this was the worst.

Member's Profile
Fundamental concepts for anyone working or managing the accounts payable function/team within an organization.

Member's Profile
Well structured course. Lesson was very informative and can help with communications to other departments.

Member's Profile
I really like this instructor and her ability to clearly deliver the objective on the course.

Member's Profile
Thought provoking. Described problems at work and a suggestive way of dealing with them.

Member's Profile
Enjoyed the session. AP is not such a simple job. Helps me understand the team better.

Member's Profile
Maybe I was confused, but the content and exam seemed to be slightly confusing.

Course Complexity: Intermediate

It is recommended to take the following courses prior to taking this one: "Procure to Pay" and "A Deep Dive into Accounts Payable Operations".

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Communicating the Role of Accounts Payable4:46
  Communication Overview5:56
  The Benefits7:01
  What to Communicate5:27
  Examples of AP Related Communications8:48
  Communicating the Role of AP - Conclusion6:52
  Communicating the Role of Accounts Payable to Others full video38:50
  Slides: Communicating the Role of Accounts Payable to OthersPDF
  Communicating the Role of Accounts Payable to Others Glossary/IndexPDF
  Invoice Return PDF
  Vendor Add FormPDF