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Despite the significant advantages that cloud-based budgeting and forecasting solutions provide, moving from Excel for budgeting and forecasting can seem daunting. Having made the move five years ago, Instructor-CFO Shyam Desigan knows first-hand the challenges many companies face in adopting a cloud-based corporate performance solution. He walks you through best practices, including:

  • Evaluating your current budgeting practices and identifying key drivers for making the move
  • Managing and reducing implementation risks and cost over-runs
  • Comparing cloud-based tools and functionality to determine the best option for your organization

The instructor also provides insights on how he has leveraged the cloud solution to augment the general ledger and go beyond budgeting and forecasting to flexible, multi-dimensional reporting, collaboration and analytics.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify how to effectively leverage cloud-based budgeting solutions for simple, more efficient and effective budgets and operational plans
  • Explore functional advantages of multi-dimensional corporate performance management solutions vs. Excel
  • Understand best practices of migration from Excel to a cloud-based corporate performance management solution, including planning and execution
Last updated/reviewed: August 8, 2023
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Anonymous Author
The session spoke to technical aspects but also dealt with the sometimes difficult conversations, negotiations and decisions needing to be made. Summarized years of experience. A good refresher for someone in the field, but also those new to the topic. Good reminder of the voyage in each implementation on this important undertaking.

Anonymous Author
Good course which explains all the reasons why companies should move to a cloud based budgeting solution. Unfortunately when companies are prioritizing investments for the coming year - it can be hard to cost-justify a move away from Excel.

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it would be helpful to see actual examples of the model he could create in Adaptive Planning solution especially when talking about multiple dimensions.

Anonymous Author
instructor seems very experienced with this topic. would like to have another course that dives deeper into practical implementation

Anonymous Author
Not a lot of practical info. Would have been nice to see a few cloud options and data since 2014.

Anonymous Author
Good overview of the process, would like to have more specifics

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Great course! Very informative and helpful.

Anonymous Author
Great course

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Nice course

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Switching from Excel to Cloud
  Best Practices15:13
  Cloud Architecture16:20
  Course Summary and Application9:12
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