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No one (except the IRS) starts writing with the hope that they will bore their readers. Yet so often, financial writing is ignored or misunderstood because the language is not compelling. Clear, concise writing contributes to your business success in myriad ways: Enabling you to persuade a client to follow your advice, convincing a manager to adopt a new initiative, informing your clients of crucial information in a way they will welcome and understand, and much more.

In this fast-paced course, you will learn six key principles of successful business writing for finance professionals. The principles include preferring the active voice, omitting unnecessary words, and simplifying sentence structure.

Applying this knowledge will bring new levels of clarity to your written communication. With that clarity will come a connection to your reader and positive business results.

Course Key Concepts: Business writing, communication skills, financial writing, persuasive writing, technical writing, writing for CPAs, active voice, simple language, clear writing, writing clearly.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover a nominalization in a sentence and change it to a verb.
  • Recognize the passive voice in a sentence and change it to the active voice.
  • Recognize the difference between parallel and non-parallel constructions.
  • Identify the optimal average number of words in a sentence.
Last updated/reviewed: May 9, 2022

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Anonymous Author
Interesting and fun course. Good presentation and recaps, helpful to me.
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In just two hours, this course will allow accounting and finance professionals to write significantly better. The first part of the course shines. As a professional writer, it provided a useful summary of business writing principles. Most professionals will learn new information that they can instantly apply to improve their writing. While the second part also provided critical information, it felt much less content-dense than the first part. This section only needed half the time allotted. Overall, an excellent course and a productive use of time.
Anonymous Author
Wow! I enjoyed a course about writing! Please, make more courses. I felt your genuine enthusiasm. You enjoyed making this lecture, and it showed. I felt engaged on an online platform. I would give you 10 stars if I could. Please release more for this platform. Finally, I watched, I listened, I learned, and I wrote better. Thank You
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This course provides a great overview on effective writing. I enjoyed the discussion around using more verbs and omitting needless words. I believe using these tips will help me become a more efficient writer and editor. I believe this is a topic most accountants can improve on, so I am grateful this was offered by Illumeo.
Anonymous Author
Highly recommend this course! The instructor kept the content very interesting. This course was well worth the time and very happy overall with the content. I plan to actively practice these skills going forward.
Anonymous Author
A very solid course for getting both a basic understanding of how you should be writing in general, but the focus is particularly needed for this industry.
Anonymous Author
This lesson will change how I respond to emails! Very helpful information especially the proofreading examples. Enjoyable class and instructor.
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Great class- one of the better ones! As someone who has a published book, I can attest to the importance of editing.
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This is an excellent review for anyone that has been away from college for a period of time.
Anonymous Author
Elizabeth provides concrete guidelines and examples for clear and effective writing.
Anonymous Author
Effective and simple. Good refresher to cover all the key points clean writing.
Anonymous Author
This was a great course and provided good examples of all the concepts.
Anonymous Author
Good training objective were completed. Easy to understand. Thank you


Course Complexity: Foundational

No advance preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

Education Provider Information

Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Course Syllabus
  6:50Introduction to Clear Writing and Editing for Finance Professionals
  9:43Write with Verbs
  12:36Use the active voice
  8:33Omit needless words
  11:07Use parallel construction
  17:54Write Simpler Sentences
  5:51Write for your Reader
  6:45Essentials of Editing
  6:08Write Straight Through f\First Draft
  4:19Put Your Work Aside Between Writing and Revision
  10:07More on Editing
  13:38Proofread carefully
  12:18Editing for Others
  9:24Summary and Conclusion
  2:15:14Clear Writing and Editing for Finance Professionals
  PDFSlides: Clear Writing and Editing for Finance Professionals
  PDFClear Writing and Editing for Finance Professionals Glossary/ Index
  PDFWorkbook: Clear Writing and Editing for Finance Professionals