This course provides a concise overview of ChatGPT and GPT. These are emerging artificial intelligence technologies that answer questions, create content, generate code, and perform countless other cognitive tasks in natural language. The results are not only credible but often superhuman. This new wave of intelligent software is arguably the most ground-breaking in the history of the world - and it’s only getting started. The session analyzes their key use cases, limitations, potential risks, and impacts on the accounting industry. The session is designed for accountants who wish to enhance their awareness and proficiency in emerging AI technologies, including GPT, to ensure their continued relevance and success as trusted business advisors, value stewards, and guardians of public trust. In this rapidly evolving technological landscape, staying ahead of the curve with AI knowledge is crucial. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of the future of work, where your mastery of AI could lead to countless career advancement opportunities. Embrace the power of AI and take this course to jumpstart your journey towards becoming a leader in the field.

Topics Covered:

  • What is ChatGPT and GPT
  • How ChatGPT works
  • Why ChatGPT is a game-changer
  • Changing AI Landscape
  • Prompt Engineering (PE)
  • How ChatGPT will impact accounting
  • GPT AI Starter Strategy for Accountants

Who Will Benefit:

This course is designed for accountants who want to stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and improve their ability to use AI tools like ChatGPT. It will be particularly useful for those who want to enhance their advisory services, data analysis, and collaboration capabilities.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify ChatGPT and GPT.
  • Explore and analyze how ChatGPT works.
  • Identify and predict the impact of ChatGPT on the accounting industry.
  • Discover and assess the changing AI landscape.
  • Recognize and interpret how artificial intelligence and ChatGPT will transform core accounting tasks in 20 categories from automation to tax planning.
  • Explore and evaluate Prompt Engineering (PE) principles to effectively communicate with ChatGPT.
  • Explore and formulate a GPT AI starter strategy for your accounting operations.
Last updated/reviewed: December 11, 2023
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Anonymous Author
As a ground-breaking technology, it is imperative for accountants to remain light on their feet to use this new technology to become more efficient in their work. Great overview on a high level

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Its just an introduction, you wont learn practical uses of gpt in accounting, he just give us a bunch of example and why this tech is so life changing

Anonymous Author
Lots of great information. More than can be consumed in the timeframe, but saving the slidedeck provides a very useful resource.

Anonymous Author
Good intro course for someone not familiar with chatgpt or that has not worked with it; makes you want to know more for sure

Anonymous Author
I loved this content., I am new to Chat GPT and found the material very relevant for me.

Course Complexity: Foundational
Prior knowledge of accounting principles is recommended but not required. A basic understanding of AI and machine learning is helpful.
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Company: Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Course Agenda7:54
  What is ChatGPT11:56
  How ChatGPT Works and How we can Use it15:49
  Changing AI Landscape11:38
  Why GPT is Like New iPhone3:56
  ChatGPT Quick Start15:26
  Prompt Engineering22:44
  Impact on Accounting6:36
  GPT AI Starter Strategy for Accountants6:12
  Key Takeaways6:25
  ChatGPT for Accountants: A Practical Overview1:48:36
  Slides: ChatGPT for Accountants: A Practical OverviewPDF
  ChatGPT for Accountants: A Practical Overview GlossaryPDF