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Every organization, for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations, foundations, educational institutions, and government agencies are realizing that the external environment in which they operate is changing faster than ever.  Organizations must not only anticipate and keep up with changes, they must seek to get ahead of the curve and change before they have to so they can be ready for the next curve the world will throw at them.

There is also change afoot in the entire area of change management.  Past theories are failing to help organizations be successful in large-scale change.  Employees are being blindsided by change that is not only happening fast in organizations, it is happening without their input in the planning of the change and without their understanding of the change that management is seeking to achieve.

This course gives you new principles by which you can design and implement large and small changes in organizations from process and product changes, to regulatory and customer service changes.  Organizations need to change to remain afloat and must involve key stakeholder groups, including employees. Ideas that were shunned by many just years ago, have been shown to be successful today.  Change is no longer the exception, it is the norm. This course is designed to help make you and your organization more agile as required by the times.


Learning Objectives

  • Explore key theories of change management.
  • Identify successful change management processes.
  • Discover that even small changes require excellent planning.
  • Discover strategies that will help you execute changes more successfully.


Last updated/reviewed: March 09, 2018

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This was a greta course and about all necessary components about change management.
Anonymous Author
This course was helpful in outlining the theories of change management.
Anonymous Author
Really enjoyed this course, and though it well put together.
Anonymous Author
Good info on how best to handle change management


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  5:20Introduction to Change Management: The Keys to Success
Section 1
  11:25How and Why Large Scale Change Efforts Often Do Not Work
Section 2
  14:51Key Approaches to Successful Change Management
  6:45Pilot Program Change Model, Reset - A New Form of Change, and Successfully Making the Case for Change
  10:36Important Rights in CM, Human Side, Unintended Consequences, Management Information System, and Timing of Change
Section 3
  7:02The Future of Change Mgmt
  1:00:18Change Management: The Keys to Success
  PDFSlides: Change Management: The Keys to Success
  PDFChange Management: The Keys to Success Glossary/Index