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Cyber threats to business are real and scary. Yet, CFOs are sick of hearing the “scare speech” about over-generalized threats and actions that are more a collection of jumbled parts than a functional whole. Many myths about cyber-speak just cause confusion. For example, “heat maps” often hide more than help, “controls” are often wasteful, “emerging risks” are often an excuse for what thousands of other people already know, “risk lists” miss much, and cybersecurity math has gaps compared to risk math used in financial analysis. Further, the noise around “cyber” threats often distracts from other risks to business performance related to technology.

This course helps resolve the confusion and offers realistic, practical ways CFOs and those across the CFO's entire organization can ask more insightful questions, cut churn and better manage risk to business objectives. Learn how to make a real impact on cyber threats for your company. 

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the dynamics of tech-related risk to the business to replace narrow ideas about “cyber-security”
  • Recognize common myths and avoid waste and distraction caused by them
  • Explore the dependencies of the business on technology as both threats and opportunities
  • Discover how math and methods of managing financial risk can enable security people to better manage cyber risk
  • Identify thoughtful questions to ask business, risk, security, and audit teams
  • Discover pragmatic actions to create meaningful protective solutions
Last updated/reviewed: October 24, 2018

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Nice coverage of content for the avid professional or novice. I enjoyed the content and review.
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This was a good course. Would recommend anyone needing CISA CPE to take this course.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  2:20Introduction to CFOs: The Myths and Realities of Corporate Cyber-Security
  7:19Myth or Reality?
  7:10Framing Our Conversation
  5:25About Risk
  2:43Myth or Reality? Environment
  15:07Myth or Reality? Evaluation
  7:053 Key Actions to Implement
  6:57Myth or Reality? Responding to Risk
  1:05:02CFOs: The Myths and Realities of Corporate Cyber-Security
  PDFSlides: CFOs: The Myths and Realities of Corporate Cyber-Security
  PDFCFOs: The Myths and Realities of Corporate Cyber-Security Glossary/Index