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Implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a daunting task for any CFO.  An ERP system by design spans the breadth of the organization and as such requires a high level of coordination and collaboration across the business.  With so many options available, the task of where to start and how to think through start up elements of your own ERP initiative can be daunting for any CFO. 

In this course, Jennifer Nicholson, a many-time CFO, who has recently gone through implementing a new ERP system shares with you her own insights and experience with the ERP implementation process.  Whether you have begun already, are just beginning, or merely contemplating a change to your systems, this course will guide you through all the relevant stages of the implementation process.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore what an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is and recognize its purpose.
  • Recognize how to structure your ERP implementation initiatives
  • Explore various approaches for configuring, deploying and selecting an ERP system
  • Explore people and change management considerations of ERP implementation
  • Recognize the need for data cleaning, testing, and user training
Last updated/reviewed: October 10, 2018

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Anonymous Author
Would like to see some more discussion on the data conversion piece - most companies are faced with the decision of converting legacy data to the ERP system. Also, there should be some discussion about the need for a parallel test environment - essentially doubling your soft ware implementation costs because of the purchase of essentially two production environments. These are material factrs associated with any ERP implementation.
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Material was well organized, insightful and helpful. At some points the presenter seems to get in a hurry and falls into speed-reading the script, making it a little hard to follow, but overall a good course and I recommend it for the toolbox.
Member's Profile
I was a good overview to implementing an ERP system, but I was hoping to see more of the nuts and bolts of what an ERP system looks like.
Anonymous Author
Good overview of the material. Not enough for a full roadmap, but many things to think through before implementing a new system.
Member's Profile
extremely high level. needs more examples of what can go wrong. More discussion about orders of magnitute effort and cost
Anonymous Author
A very good course. Having been through several ERP implementations, this course touches all the basics.
Anonymous Author
Great input on the steps and pitfalls at each point in a ERP decison and implementation
Member's Profile
I liked how it was concise and brought up important points to consider.
Member's Profile
Good specific recommendations. Insightful for the amount of time taken.
Anonymous Author
A very concise overview about implementing a new ERP system.
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Great course! Very informative and helpful.
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this course is good
Anonymous Author
great overview


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course

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Course Syllabus
  1:47Introduction to Implementing a New ERP System
Who, What, When of ERP
  5:29What is an ERP System
  3:10Choosing a Deployment Strategy
  4:19Initiating Your ERP Project
  5:11Selecting a Vendor for your ERP
  6:15People Before Technology
ERP Strategy and Implementation
  4:28Data Cleansing Before Your ERP Conversion
  3:47ERP Testing Strategy
  3:38ERP Implementation Training Strategy
  2:23Managing Your ERP Budget
  4:07Defining ERP Implementation Process
Continuous Play
  44:37How To Choose An ERP System for Your Organization – What The CFO and Project Leader Need To Know
  PDFSlides: Implementing a New ERP
  PDFImplementing a New ERP Glossary/Index