Business valuation is the processes and procedures used to estimate the economic value of a business. Businesses need to be valued for a variety of reasons, from regulatory and tax needs to transactions, combinations and disputes.

This course covers the basics of valuation, including what it is, who should do them, the three most commonly used valuation approaches and the theories behind them, and what different regulators and tax authorities are looking for in valuations.

This course will provide real-world examples and tips for managing the valuation process, including:

  • How to select a firm or professional valuator
  • Types of valuation reports
  • How to streamline the process and accelerate turnaround time
  • What to look for in the finished report
Learning Objectives
  • Discover core corporate standards of value and when to apply each one.
  • Identify the three primary valuation approaches: income, asset and market and when they might be used.
  • Calculate discount and capitalization rates and how to determine them.
  • Calculate valuation discounts of lack of control and lack of marketability, and demonstrate their application.
Last updated/reviewed: August 19, 2023
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Great overview of the approaches to valuations, diverging methodologies, strengths and weaknesses of the approaches, and pitfalls to be aware of. Fantastic for someone not familiar with business valuation, but with a knowledge of accounting/finance concepts.

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This was an excellent CPE course. I had studied Valuation Theory before, but I still learned a good bit new in this presentation. It was obvious that the presenter was a very experienced expert in his field.

Anonymous Author
Good refresher course and focussed broadly on concepts of business valuation. Very good coverage and presentation as well

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Good overview. There are a lot of formulas to get lost in, however, so it may not be best for beginners.

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The training will be very useful to me. I learned a lot and speaker is good, held my attention

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Good overview. A little basic for me, but worth the time.

Anonymous Author
It was like finance class refresher from college

Anonymous Author
Good introduction to business valuation

Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
Approaches - Discounts and Premium
  Valuation Approaches 32:15
  Discounts and Premium6:33
Managing The Engagement - Conclusion
  Managing The Engagement 11:20
  Slides: Understanding and Managing the EngagementPDF
  Understanding and Managing Your Company's Business Valuation Engagement Glossary/IndexPDF