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Today’s managers are faced with responsibilities for functional and staff management, as well as developing strategies for growth, leading teams, and staying competitive in evolving industries and markets globally. The range of knowledge and skills required by corporate managers requires the breadth of readily applicable concepts present in this course series.

Each course acts as a refresher or a way to expand beyond the concepts taught in many MBA programs. Eric and Joe provide a means for managers to reassess and extend their knowledge in the context of their professional experience, and to review the major concepts and put them into a cohesive business strategy.

The courses addresses the major components of business: strategy, leadership, entrepreneurship, organizational theory, international business, innovation, and finance. The lessons include a large and diverse set of management research, often accessible only to academics, has practical, actionable implications to help in managing an organization today.

In this course, we look at academic research and competing views of what leaders should do, what they actually do, how they establish organizational culture, and what are the elements of constructive leadership. To accomplish this, the course will review: modern analysis of how leaders allocate their time, both destructive and constructive elements of leading, and research findings on what approaches are effective to influencing a team.

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

3 CoursesApplied Executive Leadership Courses

  1. Applied Executive Ed: Entrepreneurship
  2. Applied Executive Ed: International Business
  3. Applied Executive Ed: Innovation
Learning Objectives

We expect students to be able to describe:

  • Competing views on the purpose of leadership
  • Myths versus realities on how senior executives lead
  • The importance of corporate culture
  • Common mistakes in leading
  • Core approaches which research finds are successful in leading a team
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Good course even if it was very academic in nature. Presenter covered a number of business theologians. It motivated me to look up one of the authors and purchase their book.

Anonymous Author
Would have preferred slides to a chapter in a book for the study materials of a 1 hour CPE course...

Member's Profile
Too much camera time on lecturer vs. on the written text. It was a little too professorial.

Anonymous Author
Good course with multiple points of views from different authors on leadership

Anonymous Author
Overall, an informative lecture, but would have helped if slides are provided.

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A lot of good concepts are introduced. Take lots of notes!

Member's Profile
Material was informative but presentation was a little dry

Anonymous Author
A continuous play option for the video is ideal.

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Learned from the content.

Anonymous Author
Highly informative

Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. However, it is recommended to take the other courses in the series prior to completing this one.

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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Classic Theorists: Lessons from Machiavelli 4:34
  Classic Theorists: Barnard 2:26
  What Leaders Do (Reality and Myth) 4:03
  What Leaders Do (Barriers to Leadership) 5:14
  What Leaders Do (Coping with Change) 5:14
  Leadership and Culture 5:32
  Destructive Leadership 3:48
  Constructive Leadership 6:16
  Effective Leadership 6:14
  Unlocking the Ivory Tower Chapter 3PDF