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This course describes analytical models that can be used for strategic business analysis and customer analysis. Under strategic business analysis, the course covers external analytical models such as STEEP, SWOT, Porter's Five Forces and the Boston Consulting Growth Matrix. Under customer analysis, the course covers four models: Kano Model, Value Analysis, Expectation Ranking and Buyer Utility Map. This course is designed to increase analytical knowledge so that you make rational decisions across the overall business.

The course includes two handbooks of over 30 different analytical models that can be used to solve all types of business problems.


Learning Objectives

  • Explore at least five areas in the external environment that can impact a business
  • Discover the four critical questions to ask for assessing a company’s current situation
  • Recognize how to categorize all products offered by a company into four major groups
  • Identify differences in customer requirements and recognize how to address requirements in a logical flow
  • Explore how to calculate the value different customers bring to a company
  • Identify the six satisfaction touch points experienced by customers
  • Discover five different types of problems that can be solved using five different analytical models
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The detail provided in this course is very good. Our company is small enough that I might not be able to come up with enough data to extensively use some of these tools but some of the more basic ones are worth looking at for any company size.
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Instructor provides an engaging delivery and a substantial amount of source materials for future consideration. He is very experienced in the field of analytics and his specific examples of implementation are quite helpful.
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Very good overview of why analysis is needed and what the benefits are. Also great materials were provided to give a foundation for further study.
Anonymous Author
Exceptional level of strategic and tactical level of content. Engaging speaker and incredibly strong takeaway materials. Very impressed!
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The concepts are interesting and thoughtfully enhanced by the instructors presentation. The supplemental material is very useful.
Anonymous Author
Theres a lot of good information, and the handbook contains even more!
Anonymous Author
Good class, very informative and the handbooks are a nice bonus.
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A very eye-opening orientation to various analytical models


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 

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Course Syllabus
Tools and Techniques
  11:25Strategic Tools
  11:13Situational Analysis = SWOT
  14:31Customer Tools
  11:14Customer Tools (Continued)
  2:51Course Summary
Continuous Play
  54:58Analytical Tools and Techniques Full Video
  PDFSlides: Analytical Tools and Techniques
  PDFAnalytical Tools and Techniques Glossary
  PDFTools & Techniques Handbook 1
  PDFTools & Techniques Handbook 2