Note: This course is intended for individuals who are looking for ways to either enhance their internal audit function expertise or for those who may be beginning an internal audit function. Also, it may be beneficial for management who are looking for options in sourcing their internal audit function.

In today’s advanced and dynamic business culture, internal auditors possess a wide variety of technical backgrounds that extend from accounting, finance, operations, engineering, and legal. The nature of the organization, its business strategy and focus will dictate the specific skills and attributes that are most beneficial for the internal auditor in each organization. When internal audit efforts are focused on operational processes, organizations may find that individuals with operational or technical backgrounds are the most effective personnel. Organizations that focus on financial processes may require accounting or financial expertise for the audit team. Regardless of an individual auditor’s specific skill set, the concept of building an effective team is a critical element for building an effective internal audit organization. Having individual skilled professionals with strong technical abilities is important when determining staffing needs, but CAEs must not over- look the importance of creating a culture of teamwork. An atmosphere where each professional works to contribute to an overall goal for the organization can provide greater value than a group of highly skilled workers who do not understand the concept of working cohesively toward a goal.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify what it takes to develop a team.
  • Explore Internal Audit Team Structures.
  • Explore and examine department Sourcing Methods.
  • Identify resourcing to Address Significant Risks.
  • Discover and defining the Required Skill Set for Internal Auditors.
  • Explore and examine methods of using internal audit as a management training ground , outsourcing, co-sourcing, in-sourcing.
  • Recognize and maintain appropriate skill sets.
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Anonymous Author
The instructor's brief IIA update was very helpful and informative, and the PDF provided a helpful overview of insourcing, outsourcing, and co-sourcing advantages and challenges to consider when staffing an internal audit function. This course would be helpful to anyone working in internal audit to better understand the reasoning behind staffing strategies and decisions. A particular takeaway for me was that while rotational assignments can be beneficial to the individual and the organization, they may also create extra work for those required to provide the training.

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This was a very entertaining course. I learned from it a lot. I recommend it to others whp are willing to improve themselves.

Anonymous Author
Great compare and contrast materials, clearly outlining attributes and requirements. Good lesson!

Anonymous Author
The course material was presented in a clear and concise manner, and the material was sufficient.

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Very good course. The material provided serves as an informative source for the IA function.

Anonymous Author
It is a good course to learn about Building and Maintaining a Strong Internal Audit Team.

Anonymous Author
Good content and not commonly covered by courses (soft skills).

Anonymous Author
Text information was organized and well laid out, thank you!

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A quick note on the Building & Maintaining a Strong IA Team.pdf. For the next edition, consider ending this phrase on page 6 "If team members feel they are being silenced on an issue, they may choose to run off the reservation" with something like "veer off the playbook" - to keep with the team sports analogy. It avoids using "off the reservation", since that phrase is associated with a time in our nation's history when we didn't recognize the value and autonomy of Native American peoples. No reply necessary, do with it what you will. (My mother-in-law is from a native tribe so through relationship with her I'm more aware of cultural references in our every day lexicon.)

Thank you for your good course material - first year I'm using Illumeo for CPE and I have many of your courses in my dashboard!
Helen Alexander

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