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Many nonprofit boards flounder and do not produce real value for the organization or those it serves. This course describes several key approaches that can help you guide a board of directors to being more effective, more efficient, and helping grow nonprofits in these challenging times.

Key elements of successful nonprofit boards include the recruiting function of the board, the committee structure, the training board members received, the expectations the organization has of board members, and how well board members can work together. This course suggests term limits for board members, but also provides exceptions for long-standing board members who continue to provide real value for the organization.

This course also includes a procedure where board members can evaluate themselves and each other, as well as evaluate the Executive Director/President in a constructive manner.  A key component of effective boards is having effective, well-run board meetings supported by well-developed agendas and ample communication prior to the board meeting by board members regarding the topics on the agenda for the upcoming meeting and for future board meetings.


Learning Objectives

  • Explore why many nonprofit boards do not produce significant value for their organizations.
  • Identify the key role of recruiting and a solid committee structure for successful nonprofit boards.
  • Discover the three different generic types of nonprofit boards.
  • Recognize the importance of board members evaluating each other and the CEO at least annually.
  • Discover how to be an effective nonprofit board member or advisor to a nonprofit board.


Last updated/reviewed: May 17, 2022


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  10:06Introduction to Boards of Directors and Boards of Advisors - For Not For Profit Organizations
Section 1
  13:39Purpose of Boards
Section 2
  9:11 Strategies for Boards
  8:44Strategies for Boards (Continued)
Section 3
  5:10Board Composition
Section 4 and Conclusion
  8:51Your Business Opportunity
  1:00:12Boards of Directors And Boards of Advisors – For Not For Profit Organizations
  PDFSlides: Boards of Directors And Boards of Advisors – For Not For Profit Organizations
  PDFBoards of Directors And Boards of Advisors – For Not For Profit Organizations Glossary/Index