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Transitioning employees back to work after the COVID-19 crisis will involve much more than unlocking the doors and turning on the lights. You’ll need to adjust practices and procedures to comply with new legislation, take extra measures to ensure employee safety, and prepare for the “new normal” that has formed as a result of the challenges faced by the pandemic.

Now that we’ve made room for kids “at work,” created flexible work schedules, and proved we can work remotely, employees will have new expectations from their employers. They’ll continue to expect flexible work and a focus on their well-being. Meanwhile, organizational leadership will be looking to ensure business continuity in tumultuous times.

Many return to work plans will be focused on safety as it relates to COVID-19. But this course will take you beyond that and ask you to consider additional best practices for getting your employee’s back in the office and your organization back on track – so your employees can thrive and so can your business.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify Add key, human-element components to your reopening-the-workplace plan, in addition to physical safety.
  • Explore how to Implement strategies for effectively communicating with your workforce post-pandemic.
  • Identify key training topics your managers need to successfully lead post-crisis.
  • Discover the effects of change and crisis on your workplace, culture and productivity.
  • Explore ow to develop strategies for maintaining employee engagement and company loyalty.
  • Discover how to ensure inclusion and equity are addressed in your reopening-the-workplace plan.
Last updated/reviewed: June 22, 2021

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Very timely topic to be presented and some great ideas for office reopenings


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  10:59Introduction to Beyond the Safety Aspects of Your Return-to Work Plan
  8:07Creating Your Plan
  11:06Communicating About Reopening
  10:29Safeguarding Your Culture
  15:06Lean on Team Strengths
  56:57Beyond the Safety Aspects of Your Return-to Work Plan
  PDFSlides: Beyond the Safety Aspects of Your Return-to Work Plan
  PDFBeyond the Safety Aspects of Your Return-to Work Plan - Glossary/ Index