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There is hardly an industry today that is not affected by regulatory compliance. Companies spend an increasing amount of time and budget on fulfilling requirements and documentation. Yet, for many this means little more than checking off a list of online trainings taken or workshops attended.

This course offers something different. It is designed to move you and your team beyond compliance to create a culture of virtue. Virtue refers to the ability to act with conviction, self-awareness, and personal integrity.

Virtues-based courses and seminars are gaining traction among Fortune 500 companies and business schools worldwide for the simple reason that they work. Employees are happier, the bottom line improves, and leaders discover renewed purpose in their work.

This course is not about vision and mission but you as a business leader who wants to create something effective, real, and lasting in your organization. It will have an impact on nearly everything that you do, from strategy and sales to negotiation and finance. It includes practical exercises for leaders and groups.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify personal virtues.
  • Recognize connection of virtues to leadership.
  • Explore how virtues relate to business performance.
  • Identify an action plan for the exercise of personal and company virtues.
Last updated/reviewed: May 6, 2022

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Anonymous Author
This course provided a good overview of building a culture of virtue. The slides and examples were helpful throughout the course
Anonymous Author
Very insightful and meaningful discussion on the intersection between leadership and virtue. Thank you.
Anonymous Author
Make sure to take good notes. The course material provided does not help with studying.
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I really enjoyed the instructor and his insights and the case study of IBM


Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  2:57Introduction to Beyond Compliance: Building a Culture of Virtue
  8:12Virtue & Business Performance
  7:43Alignment Matrix
  4:50Personal Matrix
  9:24Polar Matrix
  16:04Personal Creed
  8:18Virtuous Leadership
  10:44Virtuous Leadership Continued & Conclusion
  1:08:12Beyond Compliance: Building a Culture of Virtue
Supporting Materials
  PDFSlides; Beyond Compliance: Building a Culture of Virtue
  PDFBeyond Compliance: Building a Culture of Virtue Glossary/Index